This is the last straw that broke the camels back – We have the weakest do nothing council in Hamilton County

It’s amazing.  We supposedly have a council of  elected officials who are supposed to serve the people, but what has been done actually?  I would have thought after the last four years, that some of the council would have realized by now that our former mayors along with our illustrious manager has taken us all down the crapper.  Does any one of these  councilors listen to the people in White Springs?

We have four hour meetings since the new elected officials have come on board, but what is accomplished?  Even I have brought subjects up like the Fire Department Issue which is one of the most important issue along with sewer and water we have.  Why? Because if White Springs thinks they wish to have economic development (No not by the Town because we are as broke as can be) through investors, I ask, What investor would want to spend their money in White Springs?

It’s bad enough that the majority of our discussions have stemmed from Dennis Price wishing to buy the old jail building and now we’re getting an appraisal.  Joe even secured for me the Sheriff’s report of calls by our fire department.  I gave it to the council members but what happened?  Nothing.  Our good ole vice mayor just was so pleased that EMS came to his home in five minutes.  What about a fire at your house Vice Mayor?  Who do you think will respond? EMS certainly cannot put it out and furthermore the EMS leaving lights on is what you were complaining about.  If it would have not been for the goodness of Hamilton County, we would not even have EMS.  So don’t thank our worthless fire chief; and don’t thank our manager who has no idea of how to be a Manager much less a supervisor of other people.  The only thing she knows how to do is threaten everyone who works under her supervision if you can call  it supervision when you lock your office and send emails all day.

But now she has even dictated when the council can have meetings and our Mayor has now succumed to Stacy Tebo’s orders.  We do not have one leader on our council.  I had greater hopes, but if the last couple of  months is an indication of how our elected officials will run meetings without doing what the citizens have asked them to do, there is no hope.  I expected more.

Now our vice mayor can mention how much of a bad attitude we have had and he especially picks on Joe, but to him I say, you have done nothing for the people in the twenty some years you have been on the council.  All you are good at is dribble in the  newspaper and tons of chatter in meetings; but what have you accomplished?  Knowing we have no money, you have just agreed to get the fire engine, and an expensive one because Steve Stith doesn’t know how to fix or operate the ones we have.  It is frustrating to see people we have elected bow down to a  Town Manager or whatever she may be called, when she has violated the statutes, violated her contract and a breach of contract is serious.  Of course Walter McKenzie doesn’t believe in contracts either because he wants to give a one hour pantry a week sixty days to evacuate.  People around here think you all are nuts.  And if you don’t believe me McKenzie, don’t you wonder why you are not invited to parties after one or two times?   You have no substance and are a do nothing councilor for the last 20 years and I’ve read the transcripts.


Joe and I speak to many people, and some who are fearful will not write comments or articles but let us know verbally what they are thinking and frankly, the way this town is run is wearing thin.  Most people, even though we are the most vocal, can’t believe we have such a rude manager and now that they have found out that we have no funds because of her and our sewer and water will raise…and the fact that she won’t talk to anyone and she is gone most of the time, is beyond the pale….especially since she has been paid more than any other manager.

Joe and I will fight for those who are  on the right hand side of the law, but we are seeing that even though we have been promised that things will change with one new councilors so we don’t have the Gang of Three, there is no change.  You all can talk about LOFT funds and you can hope that maybe Joe and I will handle your ethics complaints, and do research for you and ultimately take the blame for continually fighting for what is right and even passing information on  to you….but the buck stops with each of you councilors.   You can banter at meetings but you won’t bring up the serious issues.  If Stacy Tebo is the problem get rid of her and then we can get rid of the Fake Fire Department, the misuse of LOFT, getting our streets and roads fixed etc.  Joe has already paid his $40,000 for his 19 suits to the Town.  And what were these suits about?  Well the same thing we are fighting for today.

You really did nothing about the Town spending money on an excavator which we really didn’t need.  We have a backhoe, are not contractors and the town will no longer lease work out to citizens, and it seems like street/road/utility or whatever its called today is digging with a shovel;  and leaving the holes after the holes are dug.  You knew that Andrew Greene was given a benefit of the Fire SUV, which now I understand you wish to sell, because he hid all the sex paraphanalia of Townsend.  But none of you councilors gave a damned that it was stealing money from the citizens plus you didn’t care that the citizens had fire protection.  And it is my understanding that Walter McKenzie was warned by Williams at Fat Belly’s about Townsends proclivities and you, McKenzie, promised to watch.  How did that go Walter?  Why did we need a new pickup truck..and Lofty, while you are dreaming about SHE, understand the Town doesn’t have the money and no investor will invest money in this town until we have Fire Protection, Police Protection and Sewer and Water revitalization.  You couldn’t even put sewer and water at Scott Gay’s  motel.  We have no money and you expected a business man to secure his own grant.  I am glad he did not provide his financial information.  No one would.

There is no hope for White Springs and I after eight years of seeing what you have done to us when all we have done is to try to make this a better White Springs, frankly I am getting tired of fighting your battles.  The fact that the two officials backed down after Tebo said she could not be there, shows who is the boss.  You all just might take directions from Tebo and we can forget elections because none of you will ever do anything to better White Springs.  You are too political and obviously you all have egos, except Tonja who none in the Black Community vote for but who has tons of relatives.


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