This is serious. Stacy knows nothing about it. Will Pam be arrested in the end? or will someone else?

I previously wrote a piece on the blog regarding embezzlement from the town including wire fraud for an employee who has been ill for more than two years and who has been paid continually since his illness.  Now we know not all time sheets have been signed because originally he filled his time sheets in pencil way back when and then it stopped abruptly when he became ill.

In September of 2017 after Hurricane Irma, Richard Marshall in a meeting mentioned Kenny was too ill, and had lost a tremendous amount of weight and Richard at that time mentioned that he could possibly help out with some mowing.  Now from what we know is that Kenny Hutcherson was sick in all of 2016 and was unable to use the Backhoe and Pam covered up for him.

I guess it is interesting to me how Pam could continually pay the insurance of approximately $1,000 as well as give him payroll checks for over two years.  One could never tell if Kenny Hutcherson was at work or not at work because since Bob Farley had meetings with the staff once a week and told them what was required to be done, I do not believe there has been any supervision.

Furthermore, we know that the grass was never mowed, even after we spent all that money on a huge Lawnmower that Woody Woodard was complaining about.  He said the light poles were too close (they could have stretched them all the way To Dollar General) and one could not mow.  And then we know the inmates have not been mowing for two years.

Time sheets for employee Kenneth Hutcherson, who had not reported to work for nearly two years, are not signed by the employee.  Based on the Town’s annual vacation and sick leave benefits policies, it is impossible that Mr. Hutcherson (who officially retired in May 2018) could have accrued vacation and sick leave benefits to justify being paid full-time compensation for the nearly two years during which time he did not report for work.  Due to prior record keeping and supervision by Ms. Tebo, it is not known when Mr. Hutcherson actually stopped reporting to work.

During the year between the week of May 1, 2017 and the week of May 7, 2018 (for which time sheets have been provided by town staff), Hutcherson’s purported (unsigned) time sheets report compensation for 1,355.25 hours of sick time, 442.5 hours of annual time and 119.75 hours of comp time, far in excess of the maximum annual vacation (240 hours) and sick leave benefits (240 hours) provided employees by the Town’s personnel policies.  The time sheets also report that 46.5 hours of Regular time and 96 hours of Holiday time were used to fraudulently compensate Mr. Hutcherson.


When Joe inquired of Stacy Tebo, she said has no idea of what is transpiring with Mr. Hutcherson’s check and it is being handled by Pam Tomlinson.  I know when I mentioned to Richard Marshall, former councilman, that Kenny should be off the payroll in  September, he said to me “They’d better not do that”.  Then of Course, Willie Jefferson possibly placed some pressure on Pam.

I guess, I am just amazed.  People in the Private Sector work longer hours than government employees.  And even though management may get some negotiated perks that  other employees are not given, the Companies would never pay for an employee for that long of a period of time.  They would provide retirement benefits due, profit sharing, IRA’s or whatever, plus a salary of possibly two weeks and another two weeks of vacation.   And although it is understood Kenny has worked for the town for some 40 years, that still should not provide for him a benefit no other person receives.


In looking over some additional paperwork, I found the following;

In Kenneth Hutcherson’s packet, there is a copy of something which appears to be a contract regarding “Employee Sick Leave”   The elements of a contract are (1) an offer  (2) acceptance and (3) consideration/money as a result.  So this is the contract which was signed by Robert C. Townsend, then manager and Pam Tomlinson, along with Mr. Hutcherson’s signature.  Since when did  Attorney Kennon allow payments to be made to employees outside of that which is in the personnel file?   And I have read all of the minutes prior to our suit and I guarantee, this was not approved by the council at the time.

Pay Rate:  $18.45 
Number of Hours 2,326 per policy 1/2 = $1,263 hours
3. (initialed)  Request payment for these hours at the rate of the employee’s salary/hourly wage at time of the request.  This option would be contingent upon funds available in the budget at the time of the rquest.
If choose Option 3.  Total amount $21,457.00
Signed Hutcherson 1/1408 ; Robert Townsend 1/14/08 and Pam Tomlinson 1/14/08
(At the bottom)
NOTE:  The execution of this form by the undersigned employee and the Town of White Springs, Florida does not vest/guarantee or entitle the Employee to compensation for any accrued sick leave.  The employee will only be entitled to compensation for any accrued sick leave based on the manner of the employee’s departure/termination with the town of White Springs, Florida.  The employee’s entitlement to compensation for any accrued sick leave will be determined by the applicable Standard Operating Procedures effective as of December 31, 2007.
(See attached attorney opinion dated November 8, 2007)
Wow that’s like giving an employee 3.195 years of sick leave or 166.143 weeks of sick leave.
( 2,326 hours divided by .50% it means he has 1,163 hours of sick leave.which would be 3.195 years of sick leave or 166.143 weeks)   Obviously there was no contract before this one and if there was a contract which our department heads do not have, only the Town Manager, how in the world wasn’t some one advised by Tomlinson?
I asked someone outside of Town Hall what the situation was and this is what they told me:
” My understanding is that in 2008, the town bought out Kenny and Shirley’s accumulation of vacation and/or sick leave.  Looks like from below, this is calculation for accumulated sick leave.  That would seem to indicate that Kenny’s sick leave accumulation started fresh in 2008 after the buy out, and would have included about 8 or 9 years of accumulated sick leave when he got sick and stopped coming to work in either 2015, 2016 or 2017.”
My question is still, Why should he receive something no one else received, other than perhaps Tracy Rodriquenz after her motorcycle accident?  If this is the case and department heads are being paid for sick leave, then an ordinance should be passed.  Secondly, Stacy Tebo asked for thirteen weeks of severance and since no one can say when she is in the office and not just like Kenny, with her contract, obviously she is not allowed what Kenny Hutcherson has been given because of her contract.   If I were Stacy Tebo I would say the Town Council is unfair because Stacy should then receive her sick leave but it is not in her contract.   Doesn’t the public have any say to how money is spent?
I know Pam has known where all the bodies are buried and I hope that when the separate investigation is made into this employment situation of being paid for no work, she doesn’t end up arrested and in jail at her age.This matter is serious and the fact that she never brought it up to the Town Manager is even more serious.  It is a willing lack of communication to hide something illicit.
By the way, some of this information we had previously on the blog.  And, Pam if you try to fix things and fix time sheets, etc. I hate to tell you a good forensic person will be able to tell if it is new or old ink and they also will do a handwriting analysis.  They’s also be able to determine when he quit working and have the right to subpoena medical records in a criminal case of wire fraud..  I wouldn’t wish to be you.  You can lie about every one and be a “smart mouth” and treat other employees like Anita Rivers badly, but you will not get away with this problem.  And the Commission will probably send it to FDLE for an investigation
Some one is in trouble especially since she did not communicate this information to the Town Manager nor the Town Council.   The investigation should be happening soon based upon the allegations which are present.
Karin for the blog

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