There will be no Workshop Meeting Tuesday Night at 6:00 PM

Stacy Tebo is the boss and the Council Members have no say.  I don’t know why we have a council in the first place.  In any event for those of you who were looking for a great workshop where you could discuss your problems without Tebo’s interjection nor our fake fire department, the Meeting is off.

All Council Members including our Mayor and Vice Mayor shall forever do what Stacy Tebo wishes because after all she has the power to remove Council Members from their seat; She can breach her contract and she can continually lie, but threaten you with suits and other judicial acts.  If we go bankrupt, what does it Matter?  We don’t have councilors now that will do anything and Hamilton County handling our affairs will be just great. At least maybe our potholes will get fixed.


Karin for the blog

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