The Town and each council member past and present can easily be sued for Negligent supervision of Ms. Tebo

The Entire Town Council can be sued by the Citizens for Negligent Supervision,

Each Member of the White Springs Town Council is legally responsible to the Citizens and residents of White Springs for the elected officials failure to act in a responsible manner and for their negligent supervision of Ms. Stacy Tebo.


This Negligent supervision has caused financial injury and physical hardships to the citizens and residents of White Springs.
Proving negligent supervision involves proving many of the same elements as a typical negligence case. First, you must prove that the person or organization(The Town) in question has accepted the responsibility of supervision. (In the case of supervision by the Town Council, it is easy because the laws and the charter dictate such supervision and by each official’s oath they virtually have accepted the responsibility of supervision of its Town Manager.
Second, it must be proven that the supervisor failed to properly monitor our Town Manager.. . Proving this element of negligent usually requires establishing the reasonable standard of supervision, then showing how the supervisor(s) in question failed to meet that standard. During Rhett Bullard’s tenure as mayor and subsequently under Spencer Lofton’s tenure, no supervision of Ms. Tebo was done, in spite of the fact that her contract was breached, the council elected to ignore the fact that money was being misspent and they allowed Ms. Tebo to be rid of any council members who should dare to complain.   If our current Mayor does not make a formal complaint along with the balance of the council, it would prove that there is no intention for the Council to supervise or to correct the ills of our current Town Manager who has breached her contract with the Town of White Springs in its entirety causing not only financial dispair and lack of services to the Town of White Springs its citizens and its residents.
Third, you must prove that the injury was a direct result of the failure to supervise. This should be easy because in each case there is evidence of injury because laws were not followed, from not supervising Tebo  when she paid an employee for two years when he was unable to work; that Ms. Tebo did not provide financial information at each meeting and as a result we are short of money with no suggestions how we may recapitulate the money; not using Local Option Fuel Taxes to fix roads and to put in a safety crossing; not working the hours required and treating citizens tersely with lack of respect.
Lastly, you must prove that the injury was foreseeable; that is, you must show that a reasonable caregiver could have seen this incident coming and prevented it from happening.  If the Council has never requested financial information which is required of the Manager by our Town Charter, it is obvious that sooner or later a Town Manager with little experience as Ms. Tebo would cause our Town to fall into financial dispair.  She is unfamiliar with budgeting and does not request permission from the council for many things which under the law should not be permitted.
An employer can also be found liable for negligent supervision when its employees engage in reckless behavior. Employers are generally found liable for their employees’ behavior, and if negligent supervision led to the reckless behavior, the employer could certainly be found liable. Negligent supervision of employees can include allowing one employee to harass another, which in the case of Anita Rivers, Ms. Tebo was found innocent but in actuality, she allowed Pam Tomlinson to discriminate and treat Ms. Rivers poorly, which not only resulted in Ms. Tebo’s reckless and negligent supervision but also in the Council for not noticing or  failing to provide training on how ignoring threats or violence in the workplace, or allowing an employee under the influence of drugs or alcohol to work for the Town of White Springs may constitute negligence on the part of all concerned, the Town Manager, Pam Tomlinson and each and every council member.
It is time that the Council placed together such complaints and provided such to Ms. Tebo verbally and in writing in accordance with the Charter.  Such lack by the Council to do anything places each and every council member in jeopardy and the citizens may sue the Council jointly and severally and win due to the fact that the Council has done nothing to stop the bleeding of Town Money by Ms. Tebo.


And from the Williams case, you have learned:

A negligent retention “occurs when during the course of employment, the employer becomes aware or should have become aware of problems with an employee that indicated her unfitness and the employer failes to take further action such as investigating, discharge or reassignment.  “In order to allege facts sufficient to show breach of the duty to exercise reasonable care in retention of an employee, the plaintiff must allege facts sufficient to show that once an employer received active or constructive notice of problems with an employee’s fitness, it was unreasonable for the employer not to investigate or  to take corrective action such as discharge or reassignment.    Yet, our Town council members have ignored complaints of drug use in the workplace, not following laws or the charter, etc. and as a result our Town Council members, with the exception of Helen Miller’s complaints brought before the council, have done nothing and as a result are liable.
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P.S.  This should have happened to Walter McKenzie.  McKenzie was warned by Mike Williams and others of Robert Townsend’s propensities; yet it took the Department of Corrections to finally do something so Townsend was removed.  Good going Walter.  Perhaps this time you will be sued if you all don’t do something about our poor management practices which have been allowed of our Town Manager.

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