The Stench must be bad by the Price House!

In accordance with Councilor Walter McKenzie we have three Land Development Regulation Designations Business  Residential and Residential/Business.

McKenzie’s friend and former councilor Denis Price is upset with the building owned by Wayne and Rose Stormant, next to the old Suwannee Diner which they also own.  Code Enforcement again was discussed and the money problems associated with it.

I know Joe probably has an article of his own but he suggested that Andrew Greene again handle Code Enforcement.  However, Stacy Tebo said that it has been a couple of years since Andrew handled it and as a result he would need to start all over since he did not have his continued education hours.  Pam Tomlinson assured everyone that Andrew was not still being paid for code enforcement since he was not handling that job.

Suggestions went around the room as to whether we could hire a part-time code enforcement person from another town like Jasper; but Rhett Bullard said Jasper does not have code enforcement so it came to money.

Dennis Price so wants his problem resolved that he, the pot called me and others with objections the Kettle black because DeBary was mentioned to Stacy Tebo.  The reason I called Price the Pot calling the Kettle black is due to his comments in the newspaper relating to how Rhett Bullard ruined the town.  The one thing I can say is that I am certain neither Stacy nor Rhett forgot those statements; but hey, it was in the past and we’ve been told to forget the past by Mayor Lofton.   I frankly forgot that fact when I mentioned that the town hasn’t done a lot for the Stormants. I clarified that by stating both Carol Stob and Wayne Stormant purchase 1000 gallons of propane a month for which they are  charged the 10% Utility charge and on top of that there is the Sewer Rate.   I mentioned the only two who have patronized Stormants has been Walter McKenzie and Rhett Bullard.   I believe Councilor Bullard will have nothing to do with it and told Councilor McKenzie that if he went to talk to Wayne Stormant, Wayne would probably just say, he’s there for his friend Dennis Price.

I guess we should feel badly for Mr. Price.  He said that the building the can and old food place was now occupied by ten (10) people and fifteen (15) cats.  I am not certain how Mr. Price is aware of that and the fact that these ten people have no shower in the building, but the stench must be bad.   Mr. Price did thank Stacy Tebo for writing the initial letter but he feels Wayne Stormant will do nothing unless he is fined or a magistrate visits him with a Notice of violation because he feels Wayne Stormant thinks Mr. Price should buy the building.

Dennis Price demands assistance because he pays higher taxes on his house than anyone in White Springs.

And the LDR’s even when he was councilor were never followed.  The Town once took after Nikki William’s father for something and of course dropped the suit on Mike Harris’s condemned buildings because he was family of the councilor…so as Joe said, they haven’t followed LDR’s basically for eighteen years so to start again, others are going to complain that previous people got away with the situation and they can too based on precedent.


Our Town Attorney Karen Hatton said that the Health Department could be called and that was debated by Rhett Bullard by reason if the Town was wrong about the situation, then the Town could be sued.

I say, if there’s stench, just call the  Environmental Protection  Agency EPA.


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