The shape of the new Community Center at the Carver School Site was discussed

The site plans for the new building at the Carver School Site were provided to the council.   The amount of money left for the actual construction of the building is $400,000 – 480,000 after engineering costs and site work is deducted.   There are insufficient funds for demolition of the Carver School.  Ms. Tebo had taken the $160,000 quotation from over two years ago from Hamilton County and said that the County agreed to that amount.  I objected in view of the fact that it was an estimate from two years ago and would have to be recalculated again.  Ms. Tebo continually makes up fabrications which I worry that she actually believes.  In any event, there is no money from the grant available for the demolition of the Carver Schol.

The purpose of Bill Bishop’s  visit from the North Florida Professional Association was to determine the shape of the building.   The 3,750 square feet will be rounded off to 4,000 square feet.  He asked whether the council wished the building to be 40ft x 100ft or 50ft x 80 ft.  Mr. Strong said he wanted a 5,000 sq. ft. building and he was told it was not an option.  After much deliberation, the council decided on a 50 x 80 ft building since it would be easier to expand the metal building at some time in the future.

Ms. Nikki Williams inquired whether the community Center would be a “storm Shelter” and she was told it would cost $50-100,000 more for a “storm shelter”.  She said that it was the intent to have a storm shelter and all we have is another building.   The building would be good up to 130 mph whereas it would be necessary to be protected from winds of 160 mph for it to be considered a hurricane shelter.  Yet the building could be used and he is not worried about food.

The council was also to make a decision on the parking garage and were considering the East end which holds about 6 inches of water.  It was tabled that the citizens should be askede and Mr. Burden suggested it be placed with the Water Bill and another suggested it be placed in the Jasper News.   Joe Griffin stated that the building should be built at the Northwest Corner which is the highest area but they are still going to build the building in the Southeast area of the five acre Carver property.


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