The RHATT Pack Watch Day 80

The RHATT  Pack Watch

Day 80


Today is Saturday, July 14th, Day 80 of the Rhatt Watch.


In recent months there has been an increasing number of demonstrations and protests around White Springs, regarding the Red-face Ratt’s activities and practices.  The latest of the protest demonstrations occurred earlier this week.  The assembly, quiet and peaceful, took place near Town Hall.  The protesters echoed one of the President’s favorite campaign themes “Drain the Swamp”.   

It wasn’t the largest protest and might have gone unnoticed by many locals, but it attracted the attention of both nationwide broadcast and cable news networks.  Apparently, UPI had a pool reporter and photographer, CBS had an associate and camera crew and Fox sent none other than the “Sean” himself with a full contingent of producers, camera, sound, satellite, relay and make-up people.

As is customary for events of this nature, the media scurried around Town, picking up file footage and “B” roll of the Ratt Lair, the Town and its activities.

Then they jockeyed for the best spot and access to the group’s spokesperson and as many of the protesters, as possible.  As the protest got into high gear, the “Sean” landed a live interview with the group’s spokesperson.  I.M..Arattbuster.  The “Sean” asked “Is there a Swamp here and why do you want to drain it?”.  Arattbuster responded, “Definitely! Most of the “Cousins” families have been here for more than a hundred years and throughout that time they have been building one of the most incestuous Swamps known to mankind.  It’s already causing ethical, illicit and all manner of nefarious infections throughout the region”.  “Yes!!! The Swamp must be Drained and it needs to be Drained immediately. “

:Again, the “Sean” quickly shot back, “Who’s going to Drain the Swamp and how will they get it done?”. “We the citizens of White Springs have the power to Drain the Swamp and we will drain it.  We plan to begin by disinfecting the Swamp with as much Sunshine as possible and then we’ll pull the plug and watch the Swamp Drain”, said Arattbuster.  As he ended the interview, the “Sean” said, “It sounds like the protesters have a Drain the Swamp plan”.

Hey White Springs!  This Swamp is on your doorstep.  Join the protest.  The Swamp needs to be Drained.  This isn’t a swamp filled with water where bug spray protects you against Zika laden mosquitoes.  This is a Swamp filled with more incompetence, unethical behavior and illicit activity likely to destroy every asset and resource of the Town of White Springs, than a third world nation ruled by a sadistic despot.  There isn’t a spay that shields the Town and everyone from harm.  It doesn’t work that way.  The only way things get better in White Springs and Hamilton County is by Draining the Swamp.  The only way the Swamp gets Drained is by getting your involvement.  So what’s it going to be?  Are you going to sit back and get infected, or Get involved and get healthy?

It appears the spotlight will initially shine brightest at the top, on the Ratt and his obedient Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow and their illicit activities.  The rest of the “Cousin” clan will get their turn.  I. M. Arattbuster wants to address the nepotism, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs, bribes, fraud, embezzlement, retaliation and other corrupt activities ehy’ve nurtured and harbored for years.  A. M. Aratbster calls upon you to get involved; help expose their nefarious malfeasance,.  Help the Feds remove them from office, an help Drain the Rest of the Swamp.  Beginning is easy.  Pick up your phone and give one of the enthusiastic Agents a jingle.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904)248-7000.  You’ll be delighted you did as you watch the level of corruption in the Swamp start to fall.

Wave good-bye to the Ratt.  It’s Day 80 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues..


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