The RHATT Watch Day 75

The RHATT Watch

Day 75


Today is Monday, July 9th, Day 75 of the Rhatt Watch.


It appears that we may be about to learn some, or perhaps all, of what has been happening in Jacksonville.  A little information has been leaking back to White Springs about the status of certain activities.  It’s been nearly two months since the Feds visited White Springs and hauled away documents and boxes of materials.  Apparently, documents that have been obtained demonstrate a pattern of embezzlement of public funds.

This is not something that could be undertaken in White Springs by a single individual.  However, it could be done by a handful of individuals cooperating with each other.  And now it appears that consideration is being given to strong action in the foreseeable future.

What does this mean?   Apparently the  evidence exists and those materials are in the right hands.  Charges and indictments may be forthcoming regarding conspiracy to embezzle and embezzlement. That sounds like RICO and more.  So who might be involved?

The Town of White Springs finance department is very small.  If embezzlement took place, there would have been an individual who put the plan together, the participants involved in the crime(s) and the person(s) responsible for the cover-up of the crime itself.   It appears the only individual devious enough to develop a scheme to embezzle public funds could be none other than the sickly Red-face Ratt. 

As far as the actual act of moving the funds, it would have required the druggie Lapdog “just keep paying me” Tebow for an approval, Cousin Pam for the transfer, and if different, the person or persons who received the funds.  And then there’s the cover-up, the clean audit.

Well guess the clean audit wasn’t clean after all.  Apparently, either Cousin Ken is part of the scheme and a willing co-conspirator, or it would appear he is the most incompetent auditor in the history of mankind.  Either way, it ain’t good, Cousin Ken.   Everyone knows what the Ratt’s been saying “Us Cousins gotta stick together” Right now, the exact status and timing of these Fed activities is unknown.  Like you, “The Watch” can only guess at whether the Feds are awaiting more information or informants, or how and when the next actions will take place.  But, they will be coming.  Bet on it! 

Yes White Springs, it just keeps getting better and better every week.  Every rock that gets turned over has something unbelievable under it for a Town like White Springs.  There can’t be many more rocks left.  And with everything that has been uncovered to date, there can’t be much more that’s unbelievable.   Whatever happens next, something needs to be done to clean[up the Town and implement some changes in how the Town operates, so this can’t happen in the future.  White Springs can’t afford to have a despot and his gang running the Town.  It’s your Town and your tax dollars.  What do you think?  Whatever the solution, it’s in the hands of all White Springs residents.

You’ve had a glimpse of what the Ratt and his gang are playing you for.  Only you can make the changes that have to happen.  Sure, the Feds may remove the current offenders, but that’s where they stop.

Yeah, Governor  Scott knows what’s happening in White Springs and could take some action, but that wouldn’t prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

The corruption, including nepotism, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs, bribes, fraud, embezzlement, retaliation and other corrupt activities is systemic. Only you can change the system.  Get rid of the corruption in the current Administration, including Cousins and cronies.  Turn over every piece  of information possible to the Feds.  Start cooperating and get on your phones and call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.

Expunge White Springs of the Ratt.  It”s Day 75 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt watch continues!

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