The RHATT Watch  Day 72

The RHATT Watch 

Day 72



Today is Friday, July 6th, Day 72 of the Rhatt Watch.


Welcome to White Springs, Florida’s Dirty Little Secret; quite possibly the Town with the Most Officials with the Most Ongoing Ethics Investigations in the history of the State of Florida.  For a small rural community with less than 800 citizens, White Springs appears to be the ethics violation capital of the State since the sickly Red-face Ratt came to power and anointed the druggie Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebo and his partners, Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja and Suck-up “I’m your Boy” Lofty in the Gang of Three..

Multiple ethics complaints have been loged against the Ratt, Lapdog, Mindless and Suck-up and “The Rhatt Watch” understands there are more being prepared.  why is this?  It’s simple.  Apparently, the Gang of Three believes they are above the law.  It appears they have a complete disregard for rules, regulations and laws, whether they are Local, State or Federal Rules, regulations and laws weren’t enacted to apply to them. Lawss are for others, like you and me, but not the Gang of Three.

You could sask, “Are the ethic complaints which have been filed frivolous or serious?”.  The Florida Commission on Ethics has concluded these complaints are not frivolous.  As a result, the Commission has initiated substantive investigations into each. 

White Springs isn’t the only jurisdiction with challenges.Ethics violations and illicit activities occur across the State.  There are 412 incorporated communities, 67 counties, hundreds of other institutions and nearly 20 million residents in Florida and so far this year, the Commission has received a total of 86 ethics violation complaints with White Springs officials receiving the most and leading the list by miles.  This says something about White Springs and “The Rhatt Watch” can assure you what it’s saying is not good.  What these numbers of violations, which have been reported to State Attorneys, say is that there is a legal and ethical infection on the White Springs Town Council and in Town Hall. Both need to be addressed by the citizens, particularly registered voters as soon as possible.

Everyone knows there are no secrets in White Springs.  And everyone knows the difference between right and wrong, between ethical and unethical and between legal and illegal.  Everyone needs to help identify the things which are wrong , which are unethical and which are illegal.  Everyone needs to help put that information into the hands of organizations which have the authority and responsibility to undertake corrective actions.

White Sp[rings and Hamilton County are incapable of investigating and policing themselves any longer.  Just witness what the Ratt, Lapdog, Mindless and Suck-up did to Officer John Davis.  They retaliated against him for bringing to light unethical behavior by the Vice Mayor and they forced him out of the White Springs Police Department.   You need to go elsewhere for support.  If you need help identifying the right institution, stop by “The Rhatt Watch” and we’ll give you help and support.

You have a choice.  Restore integrity to White Springs or remain at the bottom of the barrell.  It’s yu and your family or the Ratt and the “Cousin”.  With the Ratt, you can bank on more nepotism, pedophilia, nepiophilia,  ephebophilia, drugs, bribes, fraud and other corrupt activities and retaliation against those who want to do the right thing. 

If you choose restoring White Springs and helping yourself and your family, here’s what you can do.  First get involved.  Read “The Rhatt Watch”, take a friend and go to Council workshops, hearings and meetings and make your concerns known and consider running for office.

Second, help recall incompetent or corrupt officials.  Visit with Nikki Williams oof “The Rhatt Watch”, sign a recall petition and help get additional signatures.  And lastly, if you are aware of unethical or illicit activities by White Springs officials or anyone else, report it.  The best place to get results is one call always.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  They will appreciate your help.

Avoid the unethical Ratt.  It’s Day 72 and Red- Face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues.



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