The RHATT Pack Watch Day 78

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 78


Today is Thursday, July 12th, Day 78 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Early arrivals at Town Hall for the July 10th Council Meeting were treated to an awesome show of the Red-face Ratt and druggie Lapdog in tandem slithering into Town Hall.  The entire Town Council meeting in the Sunshine seemed extremely embarrassing to the Ratt, who now according to the Florida Commission on Ethics is under more ethics investigations than any other Council Member in the history of Florida. 

Of course, the Ratt’s family and normal cheer leading squad for his unethical and perhaps illicit behavior were no where to be seen and remained away to experience their humiliation in private.  

Citizen’ comments at the meeting’s beginning were illuminating.  The first citizen cited the Council’s discriminatory behavior and provided a 30 day notice as required by Florida Statute, of his interest to file suit against White Springs unless they eliminate the discrimination and prosecute Mindless for interference in the duties of Officer Davis.

A second citizen discussed flooding on his property due to an improperly maintained drainage system by the Town.  Not wanting to hear the citizen request, in a dispassionate dictatorial manner, Suck-up “I’m your Boy” Lofty ordered the citizen removed and escorted from the room.

Shortly thereafter, Suck-up turned to a discussion of Town Council Resolution 18-2.  This is an illegal resolution under Florida Statute and was adopted under the Ratt to undertake an illegal activity, basically modifying revenues and expenditures and pilfering restricted funds for inappropriate purposes.  Since there was no cover sheet, it would be customary, explaining the illegal action the Ratt swept it off the Table for one of his “Out of the Sunshine Seances” with the Lapdog and “Gang of Three”.  The “Cousins” love to hide their inappropriate and illegal behavior from the citizens they allege to represent. 

And yet again, Suck-up Lofty regaled the audience to a spellbinding display of his extraordinary incompetence, rivaling only that of Mindless, when the discussion turned to an Interlocal Agreement for sharing of the County fuel tax.  The audience could see the dollar signs sparkling in his eyes as he was already spending the funds for his and the “Cousins'” benefits.  Unfortunately for Suck-up, Commissioner Ogburn “splained to him” these funds were for transportation infrastructure only.  To that Suck-up indicated he would conduct another illegal investigation (According to the Commission on Ethics,

Suck-up is already under investigation for his illegal investigations.  Suck-up was given copies of the relevant Statutes.  Having no other business, Suck-up began to raise the gavel.  Immediately, the Ratt, positioned for the evening’s concluding race, bolted toards the door.  Having left the starting block before the gavel fell, the Ratt defaulted and the Ratt Race Winner was the Lapdog.

There you have it White Springs ! Incompetence, unethical behavior and illegal activities are at the highest level ever.  And now the Town Council has added disrespect for the interests of citizens and dispassionate treatment of the same.   It’s a good thing that information on all of these nefarious activities have made their way to Tallahassee and Jacksonville.   Governor Scott can act the quickest.  He can send in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and begin removing the Ratt, Lapdog and “Gang of Three”.  Also, after earlier revelations this week, several “Cousins” made the journey to Jacksonville and it appears like they’ve flipped on the Ratt.  Of course, the Feds are always looking for additional information.  If you have anything you can contribute, call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904)248-7000.     They would appreciate any support you can provide.

Watch the slithering Ratt.  It’s Day 78 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues. 

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