The problems at the HCDA have been found out; Is White Springs and Ms. Tebo next?

The reason why most men succeed in business where only a few woman succeed, is due to the fact of emotions.  Our Town manager has made some very poor decisions and most of these decisions, like everyone, are the decisions she alone made which put here where she is today.   No one has the right to blame others for their own poor decisions, but that is what Ms. Tebo does today and every day.   After all, it cannot be her fault and how dare we suggest that she is to blame for the failure of White Springs.   Well she wasn’t the only manager who did poorly and the only reason Robert Townsend had an edge over Ms. Tebo is the fact that he could do more than one job, even though his management job was done as poorly as Ms. Tebo’s in my opinion.

We know that the Commission on Ethics is investigating my complaints from February 2018 as well as those of Joe Griffin and we await for their decision on the matter.

Perhaps Ms. Tebo should refer to the article in the July 25th Jasper News article “HCDA executive director, assistant resign.   Unlike White Springs, the State looks into the affairs of the Development Authority so as a result Kenneth M. Daniels had to report on the deficiencies. Although he managed to get by on the Local Option Fuel Tax issue in White Springs, which the Department of Revenue indicated no CPA would go against such statute, he had to report what he considered to be a “significant deficiency” with the HCDA.

It was not only that Ramsey received $7,487 in excess of the established amount for her salary while De’Jesus received an additional $3,053, but there was a failure to submit changes in annual and sick leave to the appropriate level of management on a monthly basis.   The audit report stated there was no approval by an HCDA board member for the executive director or the staff assistant, with no documentation noting hours taken and dates provided.

And here we have Stacy Tebo, taking all the time off that she wishes to take.  And what still is morally and legally wrong is the fact that Rhett Bullard had his council gang approve $7,500 in attorney fees to get an elected official Helen Miller benched from the council with fictitious assertions and actually the entire scenario ended up just under $14,000.  That to me is an additional salary to Tebo in addition to her $55,000 and now $58,000 annually.  Not only that but unfortunately she never advised the Town Council or mentioned she was paying employees to not work and now we find out that she never apprised the Council that she was paying Steve Stith’s firefighters over the weekend some $100 a day, most of which has gone to Andrew Greene who can probably visit his dad while collecting the money.  And she lies about everything including the fact that there were radios for the firefighters, at least five that she finally admitted to.

In a July 18th meeting, the board members discussed forgiving the debt De’Jesus owed for records purposes but no mention of Ramsey’s debt was made, but she was paid for sick leave and other time acquired when she resigned.   I believe that if Tebo Resigned, the council and the citizens would agree to pay Tebo severance even though her contract has been breached just to get rid of her as well.  The longer Tebo stays, the longer the damage to White Springs.

Just like Tebo, apparently the HCDA report found questionable costs that totalled $1,045 as well as reimbursements made for amounts not supported by invoicing.  Reimbursements made without documentation and support by invoice falls within the failure to comply with Florida Statutes 112.061.   The audit also noted that a bonus had been awarded without proper documentation by the board and it had not been retained or indicated in the board’s minutes which also failes to comply with Florida Statutes 214.425.

The Jasper news indicated “As stated in the report, Florida Statutes 218.32(1)(d) requires that ‘each local government entity that is required to provide for an audit under s.218.39(1) must submit a copy of the audit report and annual financial report to the department of Financial Services within 45 days after the completion of the audit but no later than 9 months after the end of the fiscal year’.  The audit report also states that the HCDA’s annual financial report was not completed in accordance with the above referenced statute for the year ending September 30, 2017.”  Remember how White Springs did not comply with the former fiscal year end audit when Tebo’s attorney fees of the almost $14K had to go into the current Fiscal Year, but Tebo was not in trouble and our CPA covered it up because we were not the HCDA?

Apparently there were 21 instances where invoices were not date stamped and 26 instances in which disbursements were not supported by invoice or approval in minutes.  In the report Daniels said 30 out of 279 disbursements by HCDA were tested, totaling in $32,501.  This falls into failure to comply with Florida Statute 218.74 without ensuring that disbursements are appropriate.  In White Spriongs, Ms. Tebo’s contract which refers to her job description in the charter requires her to provide financial information at each meeting which she does not nor does she apprise the council of deficiencies or changes she is making to the detriment of the Town.  Do you recall when Rhett Bullard esq. stated it was not important for Ms. Tebo to provide the Council with payables, it was only a consideration (that’s because the payables had already been paid without council approval)?   Well that is not what the Charter states and that is not what Ms. Tebo’s job entails.  But who follows the law in White Springs and after all our CPA did accommodate his friend Rhett Bullard, until all of us caused so much ruckus that he finally said the Town could make their own decisions (instead of his advising in writing to the detriment of the statutes).

Unlike White Springs who allows Ms. Tebo up to $2,500, the Exeutive Director of the HCDA has the authority to approve any payment of $1,000 or less as well as any item approved through the budget.  Any other expenses or invoices were approved by the board.  Ramsey said, adding the lack of date stamps on invoices was an oversight.    Any receipts or documentation not included would be an oversight.  It is difficult or impossible to obtain receipts for tolls, tips, meters parking and related expenses but all expenses are detailed and documented.   FYI, there is no problem in getting receipts for tolls, parking meters and related expenses because we who have been in business had to provide these receipts with our expense reports monthly so that is an excuse.

Ramsey stated that there were multiple page long reports in regard to achievements for Ramsey and De’Jesus for the board to review and approve prior to issuance of the bonus to which “copies of both reports are on file and available”.

So far because of the ignorance of some Council Members, Ms. Tebo has been protected from her various nefarious activities; but as one knows “No good thing or bad thing lasts for too long” and I feel Ms. Tebo’s time is running out because at some point, her infractions of not obeying the law and providing some with benefits they should not have is running out.


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