The people working on the Charter are making Nonsense of It for some of the official’s and staff’s benefit

I placed Woody Woodard’s comment to us on the Town Charter inquiry of Joe’s by reason that others have pulled it up.

I really do not believe those on the Charter really know what legally should be changed.  I know Tonja obviously was ignorant when she decided that she could hold Helen Miller from running for Council again as punishment when that was not in the Charter; nor if changes are made, could such changes be made retroactively.

Then there is the term limit situation or rather such I say elected official increased term limit to four years.  We have problems with the officials who do not have a background as a councilor for the first time, much less keeping an official who does nothing for the people.  I disagree with a four year retention of the council position.

Currently the Council is responsible for hiring and firing the Police Chief and the Fire Chief position should be like the Police Chief but there have been no provisions in the Charter. The council should be responsible not only for hiring and firing the Police and Fire Chiefs but should also be responsible for hiring and firing police officers and fire fighters.  This of course would have to be at the request of the individual chief to the Council which would have a discussion and hear both sides. Stacy Tebo does not have the Management Skills nor the clear judgment to be involved with firefighters and police and she has some sick notion about the blog.

The blog, Ms. Tebo, brings forth what the citizens and others have told us, what we hear at workshops and meetings and what information we receive through public records requests.  We have seen how money is misspent and perhaps you think you can spend” Other People’s ” money as you wish; but you and the officials have a fiduciary responsibility to the Citizens and you have taken away most of their rights, while using money for your own benefit or for the benefit of others, against the law and foolishly.

The job descriptions should be redrafted by you since yours, the Town Clerk and the Finance Director and Administrative Assistant positions have changed dramatically.  These new descriptions should include even the tasks you push on to others so there is accuracy in the Charter.  Job Descriptions, Policies and Internal Controls are required and should be placed as part of the Charter or the Personnel Manager as reference for employees.

Mayor Lofton has stuck up for everyone in the office and has stated how busy everyone is including Stacy Tebo and Pam Tomlinson.  However, how would one know when Stacy hides in her office until there is chaos or crisis and Pam Tomlinson does not have the experience or the efficiency to do her job and never has.  But perhaps the State will take care of the reorganization of White Springs once they do an audit and realize what is not done in White Springs.


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