The people who run White Springs can be categorized as: And we need the Jasper News to be fair and balanced.

Corrupt Officials take many forms; they may be world leaders or powerful businessmen who act criminal or they may be judges, chiefs, executives, officers, entrepreneurs, teachers, principals, or police officers (including agents and detectives) who abuse their position for their own selfish gains.

To qualify for this category, a villain simply has to be in a position of power which he or she uses in an inappropriate and infelicitous manner.

There is no good and evil. There is only power, and those too weak to seek it.
Lord Voldemort

Villains who seek to rule with sheer force or whose main goal is to obtain more power, be it political power, superpowers, or magical powers.

Evil bosses, unscrupulous crooks, corrupt businessmen, and bad workers are the assorted menaces who can be found in the workplace and often delight in either causing misery for their staff and clients or are driven by greed and selfishness to follow unethical or even downright criminal business practices. Many of them are money launderers.


The media needs to help people understand that poor service delivery is a result of systemic weaknesses. And these weaknesses result from the way in officials handle resources that actually belong to the public. The stories in our sample lack depth, context and a critical understanding of the way in which individual events are related to a bigger system of public resource management

There are two ways for the media to fulfil its social accountability role. The first is through good investigative journalism. Investigative reports show how individual wrongs are part of a larger pattern of negligence or abuse and the systems that make these possible.”

The second is that the media should function as a bridge between governments and citizens. It can provide the public with the information they require to debate and participate in public discussions and processes.Here, journalism’s function is educational and transparency. The public is in the driving seat – but only if they’re a well informed citizenry able to participate in decisions about how public resources are managed

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