The More Brazil writes, the More I feel he is a psychotic stalker who keeps harassing us

I have to admit to the readers that Thomas Brazil’s psychotic behavior of late and his fixation with Joe’s former career, education and military service for which we have already been more than judged by the Town fathers, is not normal. Brazil acts like a stalker as well as having some type of psychosis. It is so important for Brazil to be right and when Joe or I point out that he is wrong and why, he becomes very sarcastic and calls Joe names.. Brazil seems to have always had people say “You are right” and even we tried for a while patronizing him so he’d feel better, but he has gone off the cliff and we are not good at patronizing, someone who is ignorant (Like providing a list of those who received medals and to be on the list one had to be dead).

For one thing, Mr. Brazil like Joe Griffin is a private citizen. That means Mr. Brazil when making further investigations of initial investigations into Joe Griffin’s background is meaningless and can be construed as harassment or stalking, but obviously Brazil has some type of fixation where he keeps fighting and criticizing so that someone will say he is right and we are so wrong.

It is just like saying he was right for the strong Mayor form of government who hired a Town Clerk as a consultant. Yes a consultant was hired and our Town can hire a consultant…but the consultant cannot be a “Town Manager” making decisions.
And Brazil didn’t understand that that Town Clerk consultant he referred to was only responsible for 119’s and as a result there were restrictions placed in a real contract….whereas we have a weak form of Mayor and as a result there has never been in the United States a Consultant handling Town Manager’s positions. It is wrong although there have been no legal cases up to this point.

But again, Tommie Jones is hired by the Town and a Citizen has the right to mention his background. In fact it is the council’s fiduciary duty to its citizens to do a background check, a drug test and have him fill out an application, even though Mr. Brazil disagrees and Jones called Joe a racist as a result.

Mrs. Brazil was hired by the Town and even as a Volunteer, she is not immune to being called out. Joe waited and is still waiting, over six months for what he requested. Your wife “Lied” about the “bang” and she furthermore “omitted” purposely that Tommie Jones indicated Joe was trying to hit him in the head….but of course with the plexi and the bars it could not be possible unless he was crawling on the floor when Joe pushed the paper through. So all three lied about a bang. We have a right for people to know our side. And a lie is a lie is a lie.

In fact I took Mr. Brazil’s diatribes off this morning because as usual he is condemning Joe for having been a truck driver, and that I did not consider his wife a law enforcement officer, and he is still investigating the investigation previously made of Joe. I suppose he feels Joe’s education was a waste. But as long as one is happy with their job, that is none of Mr. Brazil’s business.

People can do what they wish and work wherever they wish to work. That is what is so great with our country…and what is wrong with a Truck Driver? I myself took two years out of the insurance industry because (1) most bosses because of my education, background and experience were afraid of me and (2) after working so hard in my lifetime and after fighting numerous attorneys for two years while still working in my industry in NV, I wanted something simple and something where I did not have to think.

But Brazil never told us which school he went to and it was me who didn’t understand that if one worked in conjunction with a school that it was a real law enforcement job because the Keys are small and I guess I didn’t think it was that policing a position. At Hamilton High, you see officers in vehicles watching the school. I guess I watch too many policed shows. My mistake and I apologize.

And just for the record, I was the one that completed the previous application for which Joe took the hit from the Town, not Joe. He has always kept his records to himself. I am frankly sick of reliving what I inadvertently did to Joe, but it showed me what a Town would do to assure Joe never had a position where he was elected. I think it is time to show what I wrote at the time about the events…of course Mr Brazil not being here would probably say I was lying because he is selective in his beliefs also. I do not know how he was a detective for 30 years.

But back to Mr.Brazil’s diatribes. If you look at his comments it is obvious his focus is not on Town Business or assuring the Sunshine laws are followed, but rather he is in pursuit of his own personal goals, of being the all knowing and all seeing person that wishes all of the townspeople to consider him the expert. He cannot stand anyone showing him he is wrong and what upsets me is that he seems to have a mental block on some issues, like our form of government, where he doesn’t understand certain concepts.

As a Meddling stalker, this framework can be understood as engaging in intrusion so that they can assert their own expertise and power. He seems to believe his meddling and stalking is justified because he thinks he knows more than anyone else.

His types of threats are that of identity and reputation to one who is not an official of the Town and who knows that would never be possible (Joe). But not to worry, Helen Miller, Shirley Heath, Pam Tomlinson and a host of others have already tarnished not only Joe’s reputation and identity but mine.

But Stalker Brazil, seems to feel he can keep going after the same people when he should ask himself, why is it that he takes after private citizens when there is so much wrong with the Town? Why did his wife lie and omit items from the police statement? Why would she not stand up to a lie? If she was in law enforcement, did she not stand up for the truth? Mr. Brazil since you are like a bad stalker, did you do this to those you wished arrested; did you lie to get them arrested? Did you stalk them? Even at a Grocery store? I remember vividly and frankly I was uncomfortable. I really do believe you are psychotic and need help.

.Karin for the blog

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  1. • Verbal or Emotional Abuse: Non-physical behaviors such as threats, insults, constant monitoring, humiliation, intimidation, isolation or stalking.

    • Digital Abuse: Use of technologies and/or social media networking to intimidate, harass or threaten , , cyberbullying, excessive or threatening texts or stalking on social media.

    • Stalking: Being repeatedly watched, followed, monitored or harassed. Stalking can occur online or in person,

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