The Left is going nuts

WATCH: Crazed Liberal Goes NUTS On The Daily Caller; Shouts, Curses And Threatens To Expose Herself!


Ladies and gentleman, this post comes with a warning – you are about to see something very disturbing!

What you are about to witness is a visual representation of what has become of the left – an obnoxious, loud, cursing and hysterical way of being. During a pro-illegal immigration rally this weekend, the Daily Caller news foundation got shouted down any an unhinged liberal woman who shouted down their reporter Stephanie Hamill.

The Daily Caller reporters were speaking to rally-goers on the streets of Washington D.C. and this specific interaction turned hostile FAST. The protesters were trying to argue that families should be “kept together” at the border…even though President Trump already singed an executive order that essentially got rid of this problem for good.

This crazed woman cursed, screamed, ask Hamill if her tubes were tied, asked another reporter if he’s had a vasectomy, then she threatened to EXPOSE HERSELF! Yikes! Watch this cringeworthy moment below:

Here are some of the most hilarious comments that Facebook users left after seeing this wild series of events:

What is your reactionto this woman? She seems like she’d be a perfect candidate for the looney bin, but that’s not our decision to make.

Comment below with your reaction…

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