Rhett Bullard, Esq. Mayor of White Springs, did knowingly, willfully and intentionally break Florida Statute 838.022. Official Misconduct, by violating three provisions of said statute.

  1. He falsified and knowingly falsified the Employment Contract of one Ms. Stacy Tebo, Town Manager of the Town of White Springs. He knew full well that one clause of the contract had been violated for a year and continued to be violated after her new contract was signed by Ms. Tebo and by Mr. Bullard acting as legal head of the Town of White Springs. The provision he broke and allowed Ms. Tebo to break by falsifying the new contract was the residency requirement of said contracts which is the same in both the old and the new contract.
  2. Bullard further instructed Ms. Tebo to conceal, cover up or otherwise make unavailable any public documents which would show that he and Ms. Tebo didn’t conspire to commit this fraud upon the People of White Springs.
  3. Bullard further has obstructed, delayed or prevented the release of information about this fraud upon the people of White Springs misusing his official position to assure compliance, not with the law but with the sheer weight of his public position to keep the information of this crime secret.

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