Rhett Bullard has Set Stacy Tebo Up for all blame for her handling of the Town; except he can’t blame her for LOFT which he and his CPA misunderstood

Is Rhett the Mastermind of covering up illicit behavior by using those around him?  Or is he so fearful that Stacy will sue him that he in turn is using her so that she ultimately will be in trouble for the things which he has suggested to her?  Rhett always wishes to be the Top dog and if someone tries to tell him he is wrong he will go through great lengths to get that person, even if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  We do know he has street smarts and before the hearing when everyone witnessed his statements against Helen Miller, everyone thought “Oh what a sweet handsome young man with such great manners.”

Well the first thing he had to do was become Mayor and we know he had some help to get Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson on board to assure Helen Miller was ousted.  The next thing is to make certain everyone voted for the right town manager, one he could control, to do his bidding and that was Stacy Tebo.  She was suspended before being formally fired and as a homeowner, even though she made over $70,000, I am certain she needed the money and that was great.   Rhett knew that if the others would have been hired, there would have been a bit too much honesty and integrity, and once they worked here, like Bill Lawrence and Bob Farley before him, they were ready to get out as soon as they could.

So he knew that it would be good to set up a scapegoat for everyone to get angry about and that would be Joe Griffin. He always pretended especially to be friendly to Karin and Joe but he worked toward their criminal arrest in the background because like everyone he feared what may be on the blog.  He would complain to Helen Miller and to Tracy Rodriquenz to assure they would contact Karen Hatton when she was the Assistant State’s Attorney.  He would spread lies to Walter McKenzie and who ever would listen about how bad Joe was, probably knowing that his family members were involved in the Camel Club, as was McKenzie in one segment of the Camel Club.  It was a kids game and he was going to kill off the players he did not like.  After all with the police department and the Millers upset with Joe Griffin, there would be no unity among the parties as so he thought.

Pam Tomlinson always hid his secrets but she didn’t trust other women except for Shirley Heath.  But soon Pam worked with Rhett to assure certain people were kept at bay and to ascertain that Stacy Tebo felt secure with her, because she wanted Anita Rivers out.  Anita was too intelligent and caught on to what was going on in the office and was not silent about it…so sooner or later Pam placed the pressure on Rivers and likewise, since Pam lied about Helen Miller, the fact that Anita spoke with Miller caused problems.  So between Rhett, Tonja and Pam they let Stacy Tebo know early on that Helen Miller was evil and their mission should they wish to take it was to take Helen Miller Down and Willie wholly agreed.

Why should any of them be questioned by Helen Miller, they felt?   In fact they got to Stacy Tebo early on,  so even though she had no reason to dislike Helen Miller, the day Helen took her to lunch, she did not trust Helen. It was an easy mind game for Rhett to pit someone against another.  It is something he is good at and because of his demeanor, unfortunately many believed him.

Stacy herself had no reason to dislike Helen initially except for what people around her told her.  Rhett did not wish a star like Helen taking his show and he wanted the glory for himself….so he set a plan.  Because of DeBary Stacy Tebo was paranoid anyway so by Tonja Willie and Rhett becoming her good friends, she then watched every move Anita made and especially if Helen Miller phoned her.

Unfortunately for Anita at some point, she stuck up for Helen Miller and then believed in free speech and the rights of Citizens so must have used some of the Joe Griffin phrases as well.  So there it happened, Stacy felt that she had more than one enemy attacking her.  But Joe was not an enemy.  He felt that Stacy should have gotten rid of Pam because he felt the Town was corrupt.  Helen Miller felt Pam was not efficient.  So if both of her enemies liked Anita Rivers then obviously she had to get rid of Anita. So a way of getting rid of someone and I am sure Tonja had some part in it, is to belittle someone; make them feel badly about themselves.  Tonja had a bone to pick with Anita about the Ethics complaint Anita sent in on her.  And Rhett made certain Tonja visited with Stacy every Friday afternoon to assure that Stacy did not leave early so Griffin would not keep complaining about a waste of $11,000 of Taxpayer money.  Another reason is that Rhett could not keep lying about Stacy missing work every Friday.  So Tonja has been sticking to Stacy like glue but Rhett is her master and best friend.  After All, Tonja did not wish to hire Stacy either because of Stacy’s suits.  But now she is where Stacy is all the time since she has nothing better to do.

Then Anita had enough when Stacy yelled at her and then she wrote a complaint of discrimination to the Town Attorney, Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo.  The council was not advised about it nor did they vote to have a public hearing at a meeting.  Instead Rhett had Stacy contact Koberlein to seek an attorney he had used before to defend her honor.  Rhett couldn’t have a discrimination problem as Mayor with his fair Town Manager who ultimately will be the crux of any investigation into his illicit behaviors running the Town with her. Only our Town Attorney was lied to as was the attorney who was hired to defend Stacy Tebo.  Instead they believed the council gave full approval for the hearing and even if you ask Rhett he will tell you, he had nothing to do with it.  Instead he will tell you that Attorney Koberlein hired that attorney.  Wow what a pattern of making certain someone else is blamed.


But the problem that was overlooked is that Anita is an ethical intelligent employee but Stacy held her back as did Pam Tomlinson.  Anita would have made a great Town Clerk but they would not even let her work at the polling booth and made some excuse that it was Joe Griffin’s fault.  It’s always Joe Griffin’s fault and they needed to continually use that ploy which Rhett and the other two councilors Willie and Tonja, felt was great.  They thought they could get rid of two birds, possibly three with one stone. The only problem they had was that I stood by Joe’s side and subsequently on Anita’s and Helen’s.


They bring in the CPA Daniels to go through everything because inaccurate billings were made so they say.  But they had never trained Anita on changing the computer program to reflect the correct changes in rates.  But that didn’t matter, in a public meeting, Daniels called Anita out for doing the wrong things and subsequently worked with Pam and Stacy for a couple of weeks to find something, anything Anita did wrong so she could be fired.  Never have I seen a CPA have the audacity to call out a Town Employee in Public and it should have never been done.  Yet, we find that Rhett is a friend of Daniels and Daniels was doing his bidding. Yet Anita Rivers I believe still has a whistle blower and retaliation claim against the town.

Since Helen Miller took offense that Anita was fired, it was decided then and there go get rid of Helen Miller. She was always smarter than Rhett and one step ahead of him, so it was time for her to go.  So again Stacy and Pam worked on the project for a couple of weeks.  First Stacy Tebo read complaints at a Public meeting which were from the time Helen Miller was Mayor.  But there were a couple of problems with that.  She couldn’t go back retroactively to take Helen away from a current seat and secondly the complaints made with Richard Marshalls name being used and other scenarios made no sense in the low tone she was reading the complaints.  But by the time they were in the newspaper, there were five new complaints for the current term, again of which made no sense.  Mind you, Helen Miller had not received a copy of any of these complaints to this time….only what could be read in the newspaper.

Because of one involving a function done yearly for the African Americans of White Springs, they had to remove that complaint and came up with another set of complaints.   They called Helen a Rogue councilperson.  Well since the complaints were so ridiculous, Helen Miller secured her own attorney for a hearing to be held.  Then Rhett couldn’t have Helen Miller win so he made certain that the council agreed to $7,500 for Stacy to hire an attorney of her choice.  She did get other quotes but chose a friend and co-worker from Sanford who litigated cases.  Well we had a contract for that attorney in spite of our Town Attorney saying that we should not hire an attorney for our Town Manager to prosecute a councilor.  The cost was $8,700 or more.

Our Town Attorney Koberlein quit because of the manner in which the Gang of Three headed by Rhett handled the Town business, never listening to him.  And so we had to look for a new attorney, but none applied, knowing White Spring’s record.  Then Rhett had another plan.  Karen Hatton who went after Joe criminally for something which even the FBI would not touch because they knew better took the case.  When a new ASA was hired he knew this was a railroad job by the Town and the prior ASA Karen Hatton had no idea what was right and what was wrong.  She was sent to work in Juvie and obviously at some point was let go before her 20 year retirement.  Rhett called Karen Hatton who only is familiar with Criminal Law rather than Civil Law to be our Town attorney and from what I have seen, I really hope she was better in criminal cases as a State’s Attorney because she answers without checking anything…not a good sign.

Well the Hearing for Helen Miller finally came up in October 2017.  Her Attorney nor she received copies of the new complaints against Helen because they were changed again.  Yet they would not allow a continuance.  So, Attorney Koberlein was the mediator explaining the law and what the Council should or should not do.  But the Council as Kangaroo Court (Quasi Judicial in legal terms) decided Helen’s seat would be forfeited before the hearing started.  Tonja and Willie could not understand what they were voting on and Rhett said the nastiest things about Helen which shocked the filled council room. The citizens there had never seen this side of Rhett and were appalled.

Well obviously Karen Hatton who does not have the experience could be asked to defend Stacy, or the Town, but Stacy’s attorney friend from Sanford kept on the case when Helen Miller sent further court papers through naming the Town as Defendant.  Instead of getting another contract for the Town (the only contract was for Stacy and Staff), he just worked on the case without contract or council approval.

Again Rhett worked his mastery.  He is friends with the Circuit Court Judge Andrew Decker and at one time was going to be a witness in Decker’s case.  Well Decker agreed with the Town’s Kangaroo Court  and stated the reason as it having been a legislative hearing rather than what it was, a quasi judicial hearing. And as a result, Helen Miller had to turn to the First Judicial Circuit of Appeals. Since it is out of the Third Judicial Circuit, Rhett has to be concerned.  Yet, it does not matter.  It was not his fault.  After all, Stacy contacted the attorneys of her choice; Stacy made the complaints against Helen Miller; Stacy kept her attorney friend to defend the Town even though there was no contract or further council approval.  After all, he didn’t do anything.  It was all Stacy and any of his requests were verbally so nothing may be proven.

Well before Decker’s ruling, there apparently was someone else that Rhett had to be rid of.  In his short time as Fire Chief, Kevin Pittman was truly loved not only by his brotherhood of firefighters but by everyone in Town.  If it had not been for Kevin, Mike Harris’s building would have totally burned to the ground.  He was amazing but that probably was a problem because Rhett was asked to participate in the Halloween Haunted House festivities with the firefighters.  Although his sister helped with the decorations, it was seen by him how close the firefighters were.  He felt like an outsider and did not seem to fit in.  By the next month Stacy already was warning Kevin that she wanted his resignation which I am sure started with Rhett..

Kevin was amazing and everything worked like clockwork except for one problem.  Andrew Greene and his wife Dominique could barely pass their certification and their lives would be in danger if they ever had to fight a fire.  Andrew was made Assistant Fire Chief after Stith left the last time and he was before at Rhett’s and Townsend’s request.  After all, Andrew kept Townsend out of jail because he hid his paraphernalia used to rape inmates.  Some say, and it is just allegations, that both Townsend and Rhett had their way with Andrew and owed him big time that is why, not only were they going to keep him as Fire Chief, but give him one of the new Fire Emergency SUV’s for his personal use with a credit card for maintenance and fuel.  Now Andrew’s job takes him a maximum of two hours a day and if there is a problem he has to call someone more experienced; so one can see him driving back and forth to Lake City and spending time with his dad.  This is a benefit that he should not have.  It was meant for firefighters who came in later and had a vehicle to use instead of each their own vehicles.  But who is to blame; well that would be Stacy, in accordance with Rhett.

The firefighters made a no confidence complaint with factual information as to why Andrew Green should be removed from the fire department.  Stacy was told in no certain terms was this to happen and then walks in Steve Stith, whose ambulance business is now in Lake City.  Rhett and he made a plan and this time, notice, Stacy does not complain about Stith anymore.  In the next meeting Stacy blamed Kevin for speaking with Joe Griffin and the reason she gave the complaint to Kevin only at the meeting was for fear it would be on the blog.  But the Griffins do not speak personally with Kevin Pittman but have only praised his work. In fact Rhett had to give his copy up and said after Kevin said he did not have to take that crap, that Kevin should have known what he did.  Why should he have?  He did nothing wrong.  Stith is not an instructor but Kevin was chastised for not being a certified one any longer.  What is wrong with these crazy people making up excuses to fire the best people we have ever had?  Anyway, look at the way this happened.  Rhett has nothing in writing; nor did he bring up a hearing before the council; instead he is going to let Stacy take the blame for Andrew when the commission comes forward. And after all, the Citizens now blame Stacy themselves.

Now we have the checks being wired weekly for an employee who has not worked in a couple of years plus his medical paid and no COBRA offering.  Stacy Tebo has no knowledge of what has been done on this case; only Pam and we know that when this comes down, it will be Stacy Tebo’s fault for not supervising Pam.  In fact the Ethics commission placed this case separate of all the other complaints which I am sure, Rhett will turn around and blame Stacy Tebo for everything.  I can’t see him taking the blame for anything and he can make up stories like I have never seen.  And furthermore, he feels he cannot be touched.   And what is really sad is that the two people who wished to help Stacy initially were Helen Miller and Joe Griffin.  They didn’t want her to fail; but she took the sides of those who hated Miller and Griffin, lying about what horrible people they are and as a result, they each were not going to play dead and be buried by some deceitful, lying, corrupt Gang of Three, the Finance Director  and the Town Manager who believed them.

So who would have expected the Griffins after the history between them and the Millers to stand firm for the Millers rights?  That would be us because what this town has done is horrid.  In fact, Rhett wanted Stacy to file a complaint with the State’s Attorney about Joe Griffin but when the State could not do so because the blog falls under the first amendment, an injunction was placed against Joe.  Since we had additional information (a book of laws for our case), The  case was delayed for a week. First Rhett had Jeff Siegmeister come to Stacy’s defense, although he stated to Judge Scaff that it was only to explain the law; but next we have Ms Brady Giddens to defend Ms. Tebo.  That’s what I have been saying about the corrupt I will scratch your back if you scratch mine Third Judicial District.  Anyway Stacy took to lying about Joe harassing her by parking by her home in his yellow jeep, which he took out himself for the first time this week, but is attempting to sell because it is difficult for him to get in. Fortunately Judge Scaff knows a liar when he sees one and although he gave her 10% he gave us 90% under the law and as such the injunction was dropped.  But Rhett couldn’t even show her how to do an appropriate injunction because Town Hall was listed as her home.

Oh, Rhett will get off by (and I will use one of the Rhatt Pack Watch terms,) rolling on Stacy Tebo.  She will be in a lot of trouble except for one thing.  Rhett and his CPA friend screwed themselves on the Fuel Tax issue by their statements alone which are recorded and in writing.  Now it probably was his intent to get by with Stacy paying for all the attorney fees without problems but as it is, the Local Option Fuel Tax Funds cannot be used for anything except what is defined under Transportation.   And what is funny is that when we got the Tape and I explained to Rhett that he was wrong and why, the Tape cut out my statement as well as Dennis Price’s statement agreeing with Rhett.  Boy the town will do anything to hide their illicit dealings but Joe will be writing about that when he calms down.


So this is the corrupt White Springs. And if any of you out there really believe that Rhett will ever admit he is wrong, let me know.  I’ve not seen it.  And how many believe that he will roll on Stacy Tebo to let her take the blame in any investigation to be forthcoming.  But she can stand her ground on the LOFT.

There is a bit of chaos happening out there; some people arrested but those Rhett goes to and one of the Elite’s son, nothing has happened to.  Who is rolling on whom?  Can’t wait for the new Rhatt Pack Watch either.

Watch the Fireworks.  Stacy has no way to prove her innocence because he has made her the Dupe of the Town.

Karin for the blog





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