Response mainly by the attorney to Helen Miller’s accusers who are ignorant of the laws

New Biz Tom Moore said to table the Town Manager complaints from this discussion since Mr Jone is not here. It was requested to be tabled until next meeting. Mayor Miller stated she wishes to discuss it and let everyone know what her answers are. Tommie is her accuser.

Meagan Logan stated everyone is entitled to complain but he is a consultant and not an employee. One should bring it to the person you have a complaint with and discuss the problem with that individual, not in the manner this has been done. Ms. Logan said this is not a process for a citizen’s complaint and there is no procedure for a situation between Mayor Miller and Consultant Tommie Jones. Have a conversation first.
Councilmen should also observe these action. Don’t think you can act on this on your own and fact find in this format. There are bigger things than these allegations; like the alligators. Instead of taking precious time to divide you talk to each other.

Vice Mayor Rivers said Mayor Miller calls the Town Manager to notify him and she continues the water and sewer rehab meetings with Tommie and Killan and we need to be brought up to speed. It’s like Mayor Miller hinders us and does not let us learn and we should be included in her personal e-mails. How do you stop someone who doesn’t see that she is doing anything wrong and she keeps doing the same thing. I am a hypocrite if I let it go on.

The Mayor is going on meetings and secret meetings without including Tommie and sends e-mails after.
Mayor Miller then said, obviously this is the first I have ever heard of it.
Meagan Logan said this is step one, having a conversation. Before you go to a full fledged hearing that split you apart, you should work through this to save and time and money. If you can’t work it out, that is one thing but just try to work it out before a legal action or a hearing.

Anita said Miller needs to receive what I am saying. I am disappointed that she’s doing with those secrete meetings and Joe with the pubic records. Mr. Jones has not discussed any of these things and we were not allowed a vote and she felt victimized.. Meagan said to Anita that she had received information on this and it is a State Statute. We cannot vote to violate a State Statute. It’s not okay. If Jones felt his concern, Helen could have informed

Him that he has a responsibility to handle Public Records rather than to put these sinister motivations which do not add anything but divisiveness and for which he had no interest. It is necessary to have Training and education to all council members as to what our responsibilities are including him if he is a consultant.
Meagan asked Anita if she was Involved in these comments or are they her complaints I informed you about Mr. Vaughtn, what they were doing hour by hour, I mentioned to Kara at the Fire Station about the baby alligator. We are not having a communication.

Meagan said she is not going into 3 and 4 Anita Rivers said she, Helen Miller, is not the best person to listen to. Past things opens a lot of other issues with other people

Helen Miller stated she makes a lot of mistakes in judgments and she is happy to meet Mr. Jones halfway as well as other things.
It was also stated by Helen Miller that Tommie Jones is employed by the Town Council and is required to provide internal controls. The Town Manager is to manage employees and contractors for oversight. I make a lot of mistakes and judgments happy to meet Mr. Jones half way and other things. I am tired of baby alligators or anything like this where you are putting words in my mouth or taking them out.
Tom Moore can table this If Mr. Jones wants to go into these issues, so be it, stated Mayor Miller and she seconded Tom Moores original Motion.

Everyone think about your roles about open meetings, the sunshine laws and public records. Ms. Rivers is a party to this complaint. How you agree with this but yet you placed yourself in the middle of these claims, I don’t know.. Recues yourself and go on the complaints; About the complaint itself or the specifics. Helen needs to defend herself. Jackie Williams said that Right now she is baffled and that we should work together and communicate. I see a lot of things which block our path, sway things on how we handle things and she wants us to work together. We are better together as people are depending on us. Open heart and Open Mind to which everyone said Amen and Nicole seconded the motion, Tabling the Complaint 5-0.

Ms. Bruce we welcome you to White Spring said Helen Miller. Our meetings usually don’t go on to 10:00 Ms. Bruce gave Helen a call that the County attorney was there to address the LOFT interlocal agreement and Helen said the two of them worked well together with a little guidance and in a matter of a short time, all the information was provided to the Council members for tonight’s meeting.address the LOFT today and at a loss getting the interlocal agreement and we worked well together guidance and in a matter of a short time get them to all the council members for tonight’s meeting . That is the kind of business the council needs to deal on We are a serious partner and need to get it done on time. Ms. Bruce. Pleasure meeting you and getting the information don on how to get the funds to meet our obligations on the Kendrick Street Project. Beverly Brazil extended her hand to Amanda and leter her know that she could call Mrs. Brazil at any time. Helen Miller mentioned what a Great Person Beverly Brazil is and she is sincere in her volunteering and was a godsend.

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