Regarding the Ethics Complaint sent on Stacy Tebo shown on the blog – more complaints were accomplished

Since each were complicit to the illegal use of the fuel tax funding for legal expenses 136 days after the fact, there will be Ethics Complaints Notices to each of the following besides Stacy Tebo:

Mayor Spencer Lofton

John Rhett Joiner Bullard, Councilor

Willie Jefferson, Former Councilor

Tonja Brown, Vice Mayor

Pam Tomlinson, Town Clerk/Finance Director

In accordance with our Town Charter each may have to contribute to paying back the $13,879 which should have not have been applied to the fuel tax fund and  136 days after the Auditor stipulated there was no post changes to the budget of which only 60 days are allowed..

“(T)he legal services budget was exceeded by $13,879 (in FY 2016/2017).  Expenditures were increased from $15,000 to $28,879.  Expenditures were reduced in Roads & Streets Machinery and Equipment by $13,879 (in FY 2016/2017).”  Furthermore the amount received for fuel tax funds is to be used for transportation only not legal expenses.  Thus each performed an illegal act.  And when Walter McKenzie opposed the measure and Helen Miller wished a discussion, about the matter at a later date, Mayor Lofton refused her and did not rescind the resolution 18-02 Amending the budget for the FY 2016-2017.

Each of the people above broke the laws on so so many levels, including the CPA.  All the details are in Tebo’s Complaint for you to read.  This on top of the other complaints made, this one definitely will constitute the Commission on Ethics to definitely show that each, listed above,  was in violation of the statutes.

And Since Mayor Lofton feels he knows better than anyone else and shut down the discussion, he really is in this deep and I bet Rhett knew he would be since Rhett made certain Lofty was mayor.  Rhett can plead innocence while the rest of you go down under.  And this is a serious matter.


Karin for the blog


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