Rand Paul Stuns CNN with a Very Basic Fact – we interfere in other’s foreign elections

Let’s face it — the idea that elections in prominent countries draw interest exclusively from those who actually live there is nothing short of a fantasy.

In the case of the United States, where voters select the most powerful political leader the world will have for the next four years, there is a lot of interest for foreign powers to try to influence election results as much as possible. This was the case in 2016, and just about every year before that since the U.S. has been considered to be a global superpower.

This is essentially the point Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tried to articulate during a recent interview on CNN, and you could tell host Jake Tapper was in full denial mode. When a former CIA operative actually admitted that the U.S. in turn has tried to influence a multitude of elections over the years, his best excuse for it was that it was for the “good of the people.”

So, let’s recap: when the rest of the world tries to influence the outcome of elections, it’s bad. But, when the American government does the exact same thing, as it did extensively during the Cold War in the attempt to contain communism, it’s perfectly fine.

Right. That makes sense…

The truth about the global political order is that there are entrenched interests vying for power just about everywhere. Allied countries spy on one another. Covert operatives sometimes use more nefarious methods to influence political developments. The important thing is that the integrity of elections themselves remain in tact. And while the Democrats are still living in this fantasy that Hillary Clinton would be our president today if not for the Kremlin, there is still absolutely no proof for this.

Watch Mark Dice break this down further in the video below.

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