Our Council Members just can’t face the truth on any issue. They are fearful to admit they are wrong!

For years, from what history I have read, anything Joe Griffin would suggest, the Councilors would do the exact opposite.  We know that Joe felt laws were something which should be adhered to, and we know that the councilors, some of the attorneys and the cpa’s don’t believe small towns need to follow the law.  But both Joe and I have given the council many great ideas and have brought up problems which are affecting society in White Springs.  Yet the councilors ignore us.
Then enters Tom Brazil, Sr. who has provided the council with facts regarding the various issues and both he and Mrs. Brazil have brought forth great suggestions.  Yet the councilors ignore the Brazils just as they have ignored us, so what is the problem?  Why can’t the councilors listen to their constituents? Thomas W. Brazil has continually brought forth ideas and solutions to make White Springs Financial Sound and Great Again.  And I know, or believe, the council does not despise the Brazils like they despise the Griffins.
It seems as though, our councilmembers will cut their noses to spite their face.  What is it?  Are they so afraid to actually admit someone has a better idea?  Or that someone actually is bringing forth information which is necessary for the Town?   Is it because their egos are so large, they are afraid to admit they were wrong?   Remember our famous Mayor/Attorney Rhett Bullard’s famous words;  “You want us to admit that we are not following the law?”.  Well, I’ll never forget  those words.
Like the National Democratic Party dislikes Trump so badly, that they assure they will not handle matters of great urgency, we likewise have the same problems in White Springs  How ignorant are some of you council members?  When are you going to face the facts or the Truth.


Walter, don’t you think after being on the Council for at least 20 years, that it is time that you did something for the people of White Springs instead of just mouth service?


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