Lying Obama Tries to Call Out Trump. [Hint: He Fails]



Politicians lie. It’s frustrating. It sets us all back, and we would all be better off if they would stop. But, they won’t. Even your favorite politician has told bold, public lies. It seems to be a part of the deal. While we shouldn’t give up demanding honesty and accountability, the idea that any one politician has reasonable grounds to criticize another for lying is ridiculous.

What’s probably the most irritating part of the process is that politicians seem to believe that they are better off steering into their lies than just being honest. That is the one thing that separates Trump from the crowd. He was grilled relentlessly for his press conference with Putin. Even some of his biggest supporters can acknowledge that it wasn’t his best showing. But, he didn’t steer into the lies. He simply owned up to the fact that he had an off day and didn’t show well. He then made great efforts to correct his mistake, and the history of his presidency thus far supports him.

On the other hand, you have the Obama/Clinton faction. They set all new records for lying in office, and they have never recounted any of those lies. Obama still claims that you can keep your own doctor and health plan on Obamacare. Hillary still says she did nothing wrong in regards to both Benghazi and her email servers. The true champion of the bunch is Bill Clinton who lied under oath about having an affair and then got off scot-free.

Well, they’re at it again. You can see the latest batch of stupidity from Obama himself in this video.

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