Nicole and Anita, your actions could cause you ethics violations

I always suspected that Vice Mayor Anita Rivers and Council Woman Nicole Williams had something to do to run off all of our candidates and especially with respect to Mr. Emrich. The way the interview session was handled by these two ladies criticizing Helen Miller in the Open, complaining about an evaluation form and with Tommie Jones snarky remarks, I knew they had formulated a plan.

Mr. Emrich was told that Joe Griffin had not intended to take the position in their conversation but we have no idea what Jones told him during the meeting. What I can attest to is that these two council members made assurances to involve Jacqueline Williams, the newest council member into not following the law. But in this last week and with our Town Attorney’s assistance, Ms. Williams has seen the light.

I haven’t decided whether I will be making complaints to the Commission on Ethics on Anita Rivers and Nicole Williams. For one thing it was Nicole Williams who confirmed at Fat Belly’s that she voted for the Curfew to protect people in the neighborhood and her mother from the noise of young people, not because of COVID-19. Anita Rivers chose to vote with Williams because our Chief of Police had hired Anita’s husband to work security at the Farmer’s Market under the Chief’s company TLC. Since our police force are not on at night these girls wanted a curfew not to protect you from COVID but to benefit themselves and why a third council member Walter McKenzie believed them I will never understand.

Neither of these women believe in following the Laws of the state but think they understand our Charter and make accusations that Helen Miller is not following the law. They initially got Miller involved in the Bea Faithful situation which cost the Town $3,000 and Miller, her benefactor but Miller still wished to help these two along.

But the next law these two ladies have broken pertains to their reasoning that they wished a Black Man as a Town Manager, especially when he was a relative, in spite of the fact that he did not have knowledge of finances, law or management. His management experience was prison so his best options were threats deceit and lies and these girls helped him.

We have received numerous phone calls, and apparently a couple of wireless callers have been following these girls and Tommie Jones. A major law was broken by these two girls, placing even the third council cousin in jeopardy and that was having meetings outside of the Sunshine. They would meet to discuss who they were going to attack and how. For instance, before the interviews, Tommie Jones visited each of the three council member cousins. I am sure he was the one who planned how they would handle the session to be assured he was the one to be given the job. They worked together to give their Cousin a benefit.

But more importantly they tried to assist Jones with his Contract, stating that Jones should not have to follow certain laws such as Public Records. I may have to request public records from our Town Attorney, but I am certain it will be obvious from their e-mails to the Town Attorney that they had a plan trying t help Jones out of having to follow State Laws. And I bet someone can retrieve the number of phone calls and other information about the meetings. They need to take their ethics course because as someone told me (Not Joe) it could be a $10,000 fine for what these two ladies have done. In fact all I have to do is ask and the caller would provide me with evidence.

These ladies also tried to get Tommie Jones a severance package like Stacy Tebo had; but there is a difference, Stacy Tebo was an employee and Tommie Jones is a consultant. As our Town Attorney mentioned at last night’s meeting, there is a downside to being a consultant and State Law requires it and a Consultant is required to enforce all the laws including those under his direction. Ms. Jacqueline Williams was the only council member who thanked our Attorney for the statute she provided in response to the three council women’s’ emails.

Then of course Anita Rivers was fighting for Tommie Jone’s severance and our Town Attorney Ms. Logan stated that a consultant could not be provided severance and like Ms. Logan’s own contract through Douglas and Carter, 90 days are given on either side, which is the difference between an Employment contract and a consultant contract. Ms. Logan also stated there would be bi-monthly payments of the $55,000 annual remittance to Countyline Design Business Services. Anita Rivers finally said she was satisfied with the response.

Although I have not finished with the other portion of the minutes of last night’s meeting, I must say what I heard from Ms. Rivers almost made me sick. Both Rivers and Nicole Williams are saying they are on the council to assist the people. But what are they going to assist the people with? They have no business experience, haven’t even taken their Ethics Classes, have no financial experience nor do they have any knowledge of what goes on in Municipalities as is required by the State the County and the Town as well as various vendors and how grants are handled. Instead for the Grant Helen Miller received from her former benefactor to assist the Children of White Springs through the HOPE program, Anita Rivers dared to say that Helen Miller handles things on her own without letting Anita and Nicole know anything about what she is doing. She further stated that She stuck up for Miller when Rhett Bullard was after Miller but she can see he was right. Now how can she see he was right? Everything Bullard condemned Miller for was Grants which Miller got on her own through benefactors she knew. Not the Town but through Helen we received $15,000 a year and if Anita is so ignorant she cannot understand that, so be it. She should not be in the council.

Anita what do you and Nicole really have to offer the people other than holding some title that makes people say Oh, those two are councilors or Anita is a vice mayor by default. Helen Miller was elected. Neither of you were elected but appointed, but I still do not know what you could offer. And since when should our current Mayor help you as you said. Helen Miller is the head of the Town and she is the one who should meet with the people of the Town if they want her. She has a wealth of political experience, not like the two of you.

There is a further law relating to the fact that “only one councilor” may attend a meeting which is not open to the public. What do you want to do, follow Miller around like puppy dogs? Doesn’t Miller provide everyone with the information at meetings or by e-mail? You can’t by law. And you should have something to offer the public as Council Women rather than just your vote.

You have no ideas whatsoever, but you sure have made idiots of yourselves following Jones advice because he didn’t know anything either and thought his job as a manager was as a dictator. If you two didn’t learn how much work it is to be a manager last night, you truly just don’t get it. And you’d better realize that without Miller who has the experience and knowhow and who tried to guide Mr. Jones, you would be at loss. So quit making your own decisions about law until you know the law. Remember Helen Miller is the Head of the Town per the charter and I placed on the blog further information regarding what her position entails because our Charter makes only a one or two line excerpt. And furthermore Helen Miller has always helped you two in spite of the fact that you Crapped on her so many times.

We still blame Helen Miller for hiring Tommie Jones in the darkness but we also realize the two of you are so ignorant that you believed the con-mans lies just like you believed Coker. I am very disappointed in both of you and I will have to decide what I am going to do about your ethics situation because what the two of you have done is very serious and if complaints are made of you two, there is no friend on the Commission of Ethics who can fix your problems like Bullard had.

We have always protected you until you attacked us when Jones called Joe a racist for wishing a background check, a drug test and an application and he lied about our wishing to help him and you made deplorable comments about us. Its time you saw the light ladies!

Karin for the blog

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