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BREAKING: Ocasio-Cortez STUNS Pelosi – It’s Over

You won’t believe this.

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Donald Trump News
President Donald Trump took a swing at Fox News Channel Sunday night in a series of tweets, comparing the weekend anchors at the conservative-leaning outlet to the much more liberal CNN and NBC.

“Watching @FoxNews weekend anchors is worse than watching low ratings Fake News @CNN, or Lyin’ Brian Williams (remember when he totally fabricated a War Story trying to make himself into a hero, & got fired. A very dishonest journalist!) and the crew of degenerate Comcast (NBC/MSNBC) Trump haters, who do whatever Brian & Steve tell them to do.”He continued: “Like CNN, NBC is also way down in the ratings. But @FoxNews, who failed in getting the very BORING Dem debates, is now loading up with Democrats & even using Fake unsourced @nytimes as a ‘source’ of information . . . @FoxNews is changing fast, but they forgot the people who got them there!”

Ben Carson News
Big Monday on Newsmax TV: At 8PM ET Bill O’Reilly talks Iran, Fox News. Then at 6PM & 9PM ET, fmr. Trump NSC adviser Fred Fleitz reveals his take on bombing Iran. See them via Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Uverse 1220, Fios 615, Optimum 102, Spectrum, WOW!, T-Vision 152, Orby TV 308 or More Info Here


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was “essentially right” with her comments about the lack of influence that far-left Democrats, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are having on the party, ex-Speaker Newt Gingrich said Monday.

“I think you’re beginning to see the bloom come off of the excitement the Democrats had after they won last year,” Gingrich told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo. “Speaker Pelosi, who I think is essentially right in this argument, is really faced with some people who are virtually crazy, and she doesn’t know what to do with them.”

In an interview with The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, Pelosi downplayed the influence wielded by Ocasio-Cortez and fellow Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley.

“All these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world,” Pelosi said, “but they didn’t have any following. They’re four people and that’s how many votes they got.”

Breaking News…

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Conservative journalist attacked by Antifa speaks out on Fox News

Trump on 2020 census: We’re moving forward with citizenship question

Large Earthquake Swarm Follows M6.4 That Hit Weapons Testing Range

Dr. Alveda King ‘not sure’ Kaepernick understands who Betsy Ross is

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BREAKING: 2020 Dem DROPS OUT – It’s Over

It’s over.

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BREAKING: Mass Deportation Announcement – Millions Stunned


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Bill Clinton Caught – Incriminating Evidence Found…

Fox News Bombshell – Fans Never Saw It Coming

Massive Deport Order… Entire World Shocked

Kamala Harris Tragedy – Her Fans Are Devastated

Top Democrat Busted – Smoking Gun Found

Jim Acosta Firing Announcement [Alert]

Colin Kaepernick Tragedy… Devastating News

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BREAKING: Joe Biden BLACKMAIL Discovery – This Is It…

It’s so bad.

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Michelle Obama Marriage Confession – Millions Shocked

Supreme Court Flip – She Stunned Everyone…

Elizabeth Warren Admits It – Lets Cat Out Of The Bag

Trump Wins Historic Victory… Enemies Blindsided

Donald Trump Breaks The News – Mike Pence Is…

Bill Barr Shocks Nation – Democrats Terrified

Paul McCartney Death Announcement – Oh No

Ben Carson News
A new team of lawyers is taking over the U.S. census case for the Department of Justice, a shakeup that comes as President Donald Trump continues his push to include a contentious citizenship question in the decennial population survey, ABC News reports.

“As will be reflected in filings tomorrow in the census-related cases, the Department of Justice is shifting these matters to a new team of Civil Division lawyers going forward,” DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupec said in a statement Sunday.

Special: Cardiologist Shatters 3 Common Heart Attack Myths That Could Kill You

Kupec explained the lawyers who had been representing the administration had “demonstrated the highest professionalism, integrity, and skill inside and outside the courtroom,” while adding that Attorney General William Barr thanked them for their work on these “important matters” and was “confident that the new team will carry on in the same exemplary fashion as the cases progress.”

The new team will be a mix of career and political appointees, including lawyers who work in the consumer protection branch. James Burnham, the deputy attorney general in the department’s civil division, will be leaving the legal team, according to the report. A reason was not given for the shift.

BREAKING: ARRESTED For Sex Crimes – Bill Clinton Is…

Game over.

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi QUITS – She’s Done

She’s done.

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BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway Destroys Media – Trump Is Smiling


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[BREAKING]: At Least 100 DEAD… Details Pouring In [DEVELOPING]

Without warning.

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Trump Enemy Resigns Abruptly – Totally Disgraced

Barr Makes It Official – Supreme Court Bombshell

Ocasio-Cortez Hauled Into Court… She’s In Shock

Total Victory – Trump Is Celebrating Tonight…

Ilhan Omar Busted – Finally – Career Totally Ruined

Supreme Court Retirement News – Secret Finally Leaks

Pelosi Resignation Announcement – D.C. Rocked

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Breaking News…

JUST IN: Biden’s Wife Breaks Down… Releases Public Confession

She couldn’t handle the pressure.

Read the details…

BREAKING: Bill Clinton Exposed By Epstein – He’s Panicking

It happened.

Read the details…

BREAKING: Incriminating Photos FOUND – Bill Clinton Is Devastated…

They found it.

Read the details…

Happening Right Now
Record number of autos cross border from Mexico to U.S. »
Record number of autos cross border from Mexico to U.S.Despite President Donald Trump’s efforts to bring manufacturing back the U.S. and threats of tariffs, automakers continue to turn to Mexico to build more cars. More »


Trey Gowdy Makes It Official – Fox Audience Stunned

Top Democrat Arrested – Dems RUSH To Hide It

Queen Elizabeth Quitting Notice – World Stunned

Michelle Obama Makes Presidency Announcement – Swoops In…

Arrest Notice – Bill Clinton Has Officially Been…

New Trump Poll Released – This Changes Everything…

BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren Stuns Media – Oh My Gosh

She did it.

Read the details…

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President Donald Trump came to the defense of Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus after people said they would boycott the store because Marcus supports Trump.

Following the publication of a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution story in which Marcus pledged to donate to Trump’s re-election campaign, Trump tweeted about the resulting backlash against the 90-year-old and the retail chain he helped start.

Special: Rush Limbaugh: ‘Objective Journalism Is Dead’

“A truly great, patriotic & charitable man, Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot who, at the age of 90, is coming under attack by the Radical Left Democrats with one of their often used weapons. They don’t want people to shop at those GREAT stores because he contributed….” Trump tweeted Tuesday night.

He added, “….to your favorite President, me! These people are vicious and totally crazed, but remember, there are far more great people (“Deplorables”) in this country, than bad. Do to them what they do to you. Fight for Bernie Marcus and Home Depot!” Read More Here

BREAKING: Christine Blasey Ford EXPOSED – Smoking Gun Found


Read the details…

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