Mr. Brazil clarifies the funds for the fire department. Thank you!

Just FYI the $20,000 grant donation from Nutria was for a $10,000 down payment on the new fire truck and $10,000 was to be used for equipment outfitting the new truck. However, the Town Manager made the decision, without communicating with the Fire Chief until after it was done, to use the entire $20,000 on the down payment for the new fire truck. When they picked up the new truck in Alabama Kevin and Thomas worked with the vendor and got them to basically donate almost $10k worth of equipment to outfit the truck.

Another benefactor donated $10,000 to the Fire Department, restricted for the purchases of structural firefighting protective / safety gear for the firefighters. Again this was restricted to purchase protective equipment only. I know the Fire Department has been getting measurements, sizing, and quotes for this gear, but I don’t know the current status of these funds with the Town..

Thank you both for your support of our fine Fire Department and volunteers.

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