Monica Hutcherson disagrees with Karin’s assertion

I being a family member of the Late Kenny Hutcherson, thinks that whom ever think about my uncle in a way of not supporting this whole community is beyond foul, regardless if he worked or not he has been there for everyone on and off the clock regardless of the time of night, he would be there, and yes some may not agree with him getting paid while he was not working, but his wife sure did not agree when he had to go to work cause a pipe broke someone needed things done but she never complained and never said anything out the way about anyone. The time he went ill was a feeling non of the family members was ready for, I can careless how someone may feel the little fees that was given in his time of illness was gracious and still to the fact that even when he was called to help out with what to do in certain situations was still work on and off the clock so again speaking for the family who cares what you think about him he did for all no matter the color of the skin.


Kenny always was a great person and helpful.  The point was not regarding his person because he was one of the most talented and good people in White Springs but a Town should not have to pay by law or by emotion that money.  He, like everyone else should have applied for Social Security Disability pay as well as Medicare or Medicaid.  We truly are sorry for your loss.  We know he was a good man and whatever complaint we have is against the town because none of us should expect those types of benefits.  He was an amazing artist with the backhoe and the Town probably should have paid him more when he was able to work.  Again we are sorry for your loss.  Kenny was a great man.

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  1. Kenny was a man among men. We were proud to contribute to his May Day endeavors and to his extra hours work. But the simple fact is that the Town paid him for almost two years for not working a lick. We know this because he didn’t sign his time sheets meaning he never went in the office. A great man in a corrupt political system that wasted the taxpayers money paying him for no work at all. And that’s the God’s honest truth.

    Joe Griffin

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