Meeting Agenda for Tuesday July 9th at 6:30 PM

Citizens from the floor   (Five-minute time limit per speaker)
Consent Docket:  approval of Agenda, Accounts Payable for June 2019; approval of minutes for 6/14/19 Workshop and Regular Meeting held June 11, 2019.


Reports from Code Enforcement; planning and zoning; police department; fire department; manager and attorney.


Public Hearing – Variance Requests by James and Essie Brown


Old Business – Discussion and possible action to provide notice to Food Pantry (Bebish, Inc) to vacate Old Town Hall Property (Mayor Miller) Tabled on June 11, 2019.


New Business:

a.  Resolution #19-08 – Adopting the Capital Improvement Plan which includes Development of Carver Community Center Park and Authorizing the Town Manager to apply for the FRDAP Grant Funding (Which there is no funding this year)

b.  Approval for Nabors, Giblin & Nickerson, PA to serve as Bond Counsel for the USDA-RD Community Facilities Loan for the New Fire Truck

c.  Audit Committee Appointment – Scott Gay  (Thank God, someone who understands finances)

d,  Discussion of IT, Security Gap Analysis and the increased Threat of Ransomware Attacks.

e.  Discussion of Council’s intent to Declare Parcel 8332-000 as Surplus Property and the Desired Method of Disposal.

f.  Discussion and possible Action regarding Charter Section 6.09 Administration of Budget (Mayor Miller)

g.  Discussion and possible action regarding Charter Section 6.07 Budget Amendments, Post Adoption (Mayor Miller)

h.   Discussion and Possible Action regarding Charter Section 6.03 Submission of Budget (Mayor Miller)


Council Member Reports and Communications

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