Meagan Logan esq. of Douglas & Carter has provided the Town with her firm’s proposal

It is amazing but we somehow received three Law Firm Proposals ;one of whose point person  was successful for the Town against us in our Civil Rights case with the help of the Tomlinson and Heath lies by exaggerations…but nevertheless Ms. Logan is top notch and she is a “great” attorney. In  fact our attorney Gary Edinger, esq who rarely compliments another attorney, did so compliment Meagan L. Logan.  Ms. Logan is a skilled litigator and administrative law attorney, representing clients in all stages of litigation from pre-suit to appeal.   With the staff problems we have, there is finally hope for White Springs.  Ms. Logan practices in the areas of Employment and Labor Law, Government liability and Business Law.  Ms. Logan is a Rising Star®, a designation she has received since 2010 by Florida magazine.  She is a member of the Florida Bar Association, the Georgia Bar Association, the Third Circuit Bar Association and she is AV Preeminent rated by Martinsdale-Hubbell.


Two out of three have litigation experience and have been involved with cases through the Florida League of Cities Municipal Trust.  I am elated that Ms. Logan Applied on behalf of Douglas & Carter.  White Springs needs and has required for decades someone with her experience.   I know perhaps it is wrong to not take all attorneys into account before giving my accolades to Meagan Logan; but here is the deal, we have seen her in action; she isn’t like the attorneys we have had in the past who learned while they earned. Ms. Logan is everything and more that we have wished for and perhaps if the Town Council sees fit to hire Ms. Logan, we finally will not be labeled the most corrupt town in Hamilton County.


THE PROBLEM is the Monthly Retainer fee proposed:   $4,200 monthly retainer fee for generalservices such as preparation, attendance and follow-up from regular meetings.  This monthly, flat-fee retainer will also include assistance and advice on general matters that arise including human resources issues and questions, general strategy questions.  Sunshine law inquiries and the like.   The monthly retainer does not incude .litigation or larger projects requested of the law firm.  It also, excludes out-of-pocket expenses to be paid by the law firm.  Those expenses will be submitted on an invoice on a monthly basis.


NOT A PROBLEM:   Town attorneys Meagan Logan, Vernon Douglas, Sara Carter and Patrick Douglas will bill at a rate of $225.00 per hour.  Assistant attorneys Sean Crisafulli, Seth Nix and Worth Ellis will bill at an hourly rate of $175.00.  Paralegals and paraprofessionals Kalen Harding, Tiffany Redd and Sally Rodriguez qill bill at a rate of $80.00 per hour.


Reimbursable Expenses.  Douglas & Carter will not charge for reimbursable expenses such as word processing, photocopying and faxing.  The town will only be responsible for such additional expenses paid by Douglas & Carter such as postage, deposition expense, court costs and expert fees.


Additional Services, Douglas & Carter proposes that all additional services which are not included in the monthly retainer fee shall be billed at the rates set forth of $225.00 for partner-level attorneys and $175.00 for associate attorneys.


Rate Increases.  Douglas & Carter proposes a rate increase of 5% each year it represents the Town of White Springs.


Meagan L. Logan, Esq.   Douglas & Carter  of Lake City and Jacksonville

 “Our lawyers are experienced in locl government law.  We currently serve as the attorneys for the Columbia County School Board and the Hamilton County School Board.  We also represent other public entities in litigated matters, not to mention private entities in all manner of litigation and general counsel.  In those capacities, our team of attorneys not only advises the Boards of Administrative issues and everyday legal concerns, but we regularly handle any litigation.  Because of our firm’s wide breadth of experience, we are able to litigate most issues in house at a significant savings to our local government clients.
Attorney Meagan Logan has represented cities and counties in a litany of issues, including the Town of White Springs, the City f Lake City, the City of Live Oak, the City of Williston, the City of Newberry, the City of Archer, the City of Jasper, the City of MacClenny, the City of Chiefland, the City of High Springs, Columbia County, the City of Lake Butler, St. Johns County and the City of St. Augustine.  Ms. Logan is rated Preeminent by Martinsdale-Hubbell with “High Ethical Standing”
Attorney (FORMER JUDGE) Vernon Douglas currently serves as the code enforcement officer for Columbia County and has served as Value Adjustment Board attorney for Columbia County, Hamilton County, Dixie County, Baker County and union County.  Mr. Douglas brings with him the knowledge gained presiding over litigated matters involving government entities for over 30 years.
In our collective experience as school board attorney and representing local municipalities, we have dealt with the intricacies of Florida Statutes and the relevant administrative code as well as Florida law as it applies to local governmental entities.  Among the regular duties we perform is assisting our clients and understanding and correctly handling Florida’s Sunshine/public records laws.  Our attorneys are experienced litigators focused on achieving optimal results in an efficient manner.
We believe that the benefit our law firm would provide is that we bring the experience of seven attorneys who practice locally and each provides different areas of expertise.  Our attorneys regularly appear in courts all over rural north-central Florida including Hamilton County, Columbia County, Suwannee County and all other counties in the Third Judicial Circuit and beyond.  We believe that we enjoy a reputation of being hard-working competent and ethical.  There are very few areas of the law that we cannot handle, in house, at a much more cost-effective price point than hiring an outside firm without sacrificing quality, knowledge and experience.
As far as legislative issues, pension laws, arbitration, collective bargaining and personnel issues, attorney Meagan Logan at our office would be the point person and has much or more experience than any local attorney in these fields.  That knowledge is supplemented by former Judge Vernon Doughlas especially in the area of code enforcement as he currently serves several counties as the code enforcement officer.  Attorney Sara Carter brings to bear her considerable land use and zoning experience and general civil and contract litigation experience.   Patric Douglas focuses his practice on litigation and will be an additional resource to the team, not only during litigation, but in helping to effectively avoid litigation where prudent.  These areas of expertise and more is what we can promise to collectively provide.
Our law firm strives to be as accessible as possible.  The Town will have the cell phone number of all of our attorneys and we will always have an attorney available to assist.
There are no judgments or lawsuits against our law fir or attorneys in our firm in the last five years.

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