Mayo Citizens stay away from one law office

It seems like one meets someone every day from another small town who has difficulty with their town officials.  That is why I did not believe in the “Home Rule” because small towns just cannot rule themselves.  And every time Joe is told that someone’s problems may be worse than his, he states “but I don’t live there”.


What is interesting is that we met someone from Mayo this morning at breakfast.  The Topic was one of Attorney Karen Hatton.  Apparently while she was a State’s attorney she errored and miscommunicated, causing many to lose thousands of dollars besides not advising those plaintiffs when a court hearing was set, so that no one showed and as a result the perpetrator got off.  So the way I figured it is that Ms. Hatton’s case against us, which not even the FBI felt was valid (which she call the agency the “Secret Service” when she decided to take it on when the FBI ignored her), was the final weight of a straw which cost Ms. Hatton her ASA position.  Yet they sent her to juvenile justice because they felt sorry for her but apparently that did not work out either.


Although we know, through the then City Manager, that the Mayor was pushing prison time against us for no criminality whatsoever, we realize now that Rhett Bullard, esquire had much to do  with Ms. Hatton’s decisions.  Furthermore, it is obvious that Ms. Hatton only has listened to Rhett Bullard who hired her, Spencer Lofton, and Stacy Tebo, ignoring all other council members…so we realize Bullard  had much to do about the horrible things which happened to us at the time.. Nevertheless, we have proven that it is not what someone has done to us, but what is right under the law.  And since that time, we have seen how Rhett Bullard has persecuted those he has used in the past and that is sad indeed.  His rule as well as that of Spencer Lofton’s one could only call White Springs Years of Terror.


To go back to our breakfast meeting, we were told that it was good she (Hatton) found someone to hire her because most people in Mayo will have nothing to do with her.  In fact some, if they have to be on her street will look the other way because they do not wish anything to do with her.  They contend and we have no background except for our own, that she does not understand the law, does not communicate with her clients and then there are the infractions involving her children which she did manage to get charges taken off or reduced because of her former ASA position.


When Ms. Hatton came after Joe with a collection atency for something which was paid over 18-19 years back, we knew then it was an attack against us because she and Bullard were not winning against either Joe or Miller.  Both were reciting law and that was not acceptable.  Although she could have been in a bit of trouble with not doing her dilligence, the major problem would have been the background which would have come out if we proceeded with a suit.  But Joe and I discussed the issue.  No matter what some of these people attempt to do or actually do to us, we sometimes feel sorry for them.  Like we heard, Ms. Hatten, we were told, doesn’t have much of a law practice and the people who know her won’t take their cases to her.  She lost her retirement from the State because she only was employed for 16.5 years.  So it is pathetic, but it is best, in my opinion that she has resigned from White Springs, before we changed our minds.


Yes, she apparently was shook up when Ms. Tebo provided her with my following article.  Yes, Ms. Hatton has passed the bar years and years ago but even continuing education hasn’t seemed to help her.  I knew she was doing wrongly in our case; unfortunately our Attorney could not believe that another attorney would be that deceptive and go after someone without cause.  Nevertheless, it is what it is, and unfortunately there is such a thing as Karma and what one has done to others, seems to come back to them either in this life or another.


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Oh, I forgot the great news for Mayo.  When the Town changed its name to “Miracle Whip”, the town received $40,000 in advertising, which assisted the town greatly.


Has Our Town Attorney violated the rules of Professional Conduct?

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