Lofty throws Tom Brazil out of the July 10th Meeting – a first time for everything

I have to admit Lofty is a hoot but unfortunately it’s no longer a laughing matter.  I really think he needs help.  He sure knows how to talk and fabricate stuff, probably better than I have ever seen Rhett Bullard do when Rhett found himself in a problem he did not have an answer for.

But Lofty feels he has an answer for everything and he continued to waive an e-mail from an engineer telling Tom Brazil that the pipe Brazil needed cleaned out was not a drainage system and so nothing will be done.  He said that it once went down the road or something like that.  Well for all the stupid excuses.  I have seen the pipe; Tom has had pictures of the pipe and after the meeting, we saw where there was a culvert which was filled with dirt and grass.  This is not the responsibility of the homeowner.  It is the responsibility of the City.  Tom told him to get the damned thing done and that it is a drain system.  Lofty doesn’t like when someone strong takes after him; poor Lieutenant Meeks before he was official had to take his friend Tom out the door.  Then good ole Lofty sermonized us for about five minutes about how we children are supposed to act….or at least he treated us like children in my opinion.

In any event, I can see where nothing will get done even if one asks.  Lofty has an answer or an excuse for everything.  And although he told us he again will check and address Tom Brazil’s drainage, or lack thereof which causes water on his premises , if I were a betting man, I sure would not  believe it would be done.

Tom Brazil is one of the nicest young men I have ever met and to treat him this way is unbelievable.  I certainly can understand his frustrations and we all raise our voices when we have had it and some moron is telling us lies.

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Joe said I may be wrong.  I know we got the sermon from Lofty and he got upset with Mr. Brazil but Joe feels Chief Tracy Rodriquenz was the one who motioned Lieutenant Meeks to remove Tom Brazil.  She did that to us two meetings ago and the problem is either Lofty doesn’t have any guts of his own and is requiring Chief Rodriquenze to do so or Chief Rodriquenz is taking a liberty she has no right to do.

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