Lofton receives donation for batting cages from First Federal and finds a new place for the one hour one day a week charity food bank

Spencer Lofton calls everything a Grant but some items are Donations predispositioned for a specific amount, unlike a grant for which one does not know the amount they will actually receive and on which the person/town receiving the grant must pay a percentage of the grant amount usually 25%.

In any event he received Batting Cages which Fed X has brought to the park and First Federal will require a photo op and a sign stipulating its donation for $2,000.     Joe Griffin asked Councilman Lofton whether he had asked for permission from the council to secure the donation.  Lofton stated no.  Griffin sited the Sunshine Law and was told in the future to secure such permission from the council at open meetings.

Lofton also was concerned about Shonda Wert’s Food Bank because people were asking him about the Food Bank as well as whether we had a fire department.  A man by the name of LeRoy said a building was available on Sunrise for Ms. Wert’s food bank and they spoke with David McKire.  David McKire said he had no problem with Ms. Werts using the building but that Lofton had to ask former Mayor McKire.  Lofton then spoke with Mayor McKire who was walking down the road and it was agreed to.


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2 Replies to “Lofton receives donation for batting cages from First Federal and finds a new place for the one hour one day a week charity food bank

  1. Nothing is wrong with this issue with new equipment donated for a photo op! Get a life! I guess Miller didn’t do it so you have a problem with it!

    The other walking down the street a man named whoever agreed to whoever its called hear say!!!! Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Breeder you realize hearsay basically means the same as opinion and you are on a blog titled ‘Thoughts and Opinions’ ??? Man you really have an ax to grind (or a pretty long pipe to smoke).

    Joe and Karin provide a good forum for locals to state opinions and keep everyone abreast of the good ol boy bs you and your family want to keep up. My hearsay is that without the Griffins this town would have a harder time knowing when its dirty officials are screwing them. You are part of the problem and they are very much a part of the community you claim ownership of and are actually contributing to.

    Tell you what, bring us some of those FACTS you keep going on about. In case you aren’t sure what those are, usually they are followed up with ‘evidence’. I can tell you the sky is blue all day but how would you know unless you see it? Thus you owe us some actual real life evidence.

    You also might want to google some actual sayings because I’m not sure what you’re getting at with the street walker analogy. Are you calling Karin a prostitute? That sounds like SLANDER. I know you really hate SLANDER.

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