LOFT no longer is being brought up as old business

For a year, you have heard about the violations of the Local Option Fuel Tax revenue from not only we the Griffin’s, but from the “Watch” and which was brought up by Mayor Miller, followed by Vice Mayor McKenzie.  It has been at least two months since the council approved a letter of inquiry to be written to the Attorney General of the State of Florida,  Ms. Hatton was to draft the letter which ultimately would be approved by the council.  Yet to date, nothing has been done and all  we hear from Ms. Hatton, and former Mayor and Councilor Bullard previously”, “It is just an opinion!”.  I guess it does not matter that the Supreme Court has ruled on LOFT issues and that the Statutes are cut and dry.  I guess the Courts of Florida mean nothing nor does the Attorney General’s opinion, because “It is just an opinion” and one surely this White Springs Council will do nothing with and will not follow through, because it has not been brought up as “Old Business”.


Why bother to complain, if it is not your intent to follow the Laws!    White Springs can live with Pot Holes and cracks until someone gets sufficient damage or injuries and then the Town can get sued and because of the law, there is no doubt the plaintiff wins the case, then, and only then, the State Agencies will have to do something about White Springs.


As for White Springs, nothing gets done.  Complaining alone doesn’t doesn’t cut it.  And after all as long as we have a Town Manager who cannot handle finances nor can she apprise the council how we may get out of this financial problem, White Springs will be going down.  Pam Tomlinson barely understands what a real Finance Director Does.

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