After years, not days or months or even a year but Years of violating the Charter in as many ways as she could, Helen now wants to play kick the can down the road and lets see what happens. Believers come lately unto the Lord, if at all. Now when the town is on the verge of financial ruin not to mention crushing under its own weight for incomitance and stupidity she now feels the way out is to do nothing. What a batching idea. Why did it take her so long to come to this idea?

Not surprisingly I have a better idea. Helen and Tom quit the Council. Leave the mess to the Cuz “N’s” word. They claim they know what is best, just like Helen does. Get out of the way, you fool. You’ve run this ship aground and no one can save it now. What we are doing now is lifeboat drills on a sinking ship. If ignorance is bliss what fools we are to be wise. Helen and to a certain extent Tom Moore voted in Tommie Boy Jones and now we’re stuck with him. BULLSHIT I SAY. tIME TO SSHIFT THE BLAME TO THE THREE COUSINS. Helen has made an artform out of blaming others, Why should this be any different this time?

The budget, if we can ever have a budget hearing which was purportedly scheduled for next Tuesday but is yet unannounced, will be a fraud and a joke. Helen knows this, Tommie knows this and worse yet I know this. Let’s just put the old dog out of her misery and let the Bitch die. The town deserves a proper burial. Let’s not waste money tryng to keep her alive at a hospital when a proper end is the way to go. Let’s just do anything but Kick the Can down the road. That is not the definition of real leadership which obviously Helen nor the Council nor Uncle Tom have. We can’t come back from our multitude of stupidity performed actions which the worst was hiring Tommie as a Town Manager light.

Remember this story. I’ve written it so many times before and now it has come to fruition. The old boy (Tommie) and old girl (Helen) can’t save us. Please just let the Town die. No more meetings without seven days notice. Time I took the Sunshine Law to a Judge. This is a sad story and we have Helen and Tommie Boy to thank for it. Her reputation is gone. Ding dong the Witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead.

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