It’s time dear old Pam Retired, before she gets herself in more hot water.

These are the reasons that it is time for Pam to retire.  She has had enough of work to make her a grumpy senior and others have had enough of her.

1. You think cell phones and email are “the latest thing.” Yet when given a new computer program you refuse to learn the program and stick to only to what you knows.  And you gripe if someone wants a public record off of your computer.

2. When you have difficulty concentrating and forget what you are doing in the middle of an invoice or report and you have to have someone remind you..

3. You literally feel lost when someone requests something from you and you get tired of people asking for things.  They need to leave you alone so you can think about something else.

4. You live in a permanent state of burnout.  You never really learned your job so when new things come in, your brain is taxed and it takes you a longer time to do things than it should.

5. Breakfast consists of pills and prune juice and being upset with your husband because he has retired and is at home but he drives you crazy on weekends so you feel you have to work..

6. You spend more time grooming yourself and it takes more time to dress than it did before.

7. When your boss yells at you, you’re secretly relieved that she still knows who you are and she has protected you no matter how others feel you cannot do your job..

8. You have a tendency to be rude to all clients who come in and you like to correct them because of your own low self esteem.

9. You don’t like the other people who work around you because they ask you questions and you don’t want to answer their questions.

10. Your 84-year-old father looks younger than you do because you are angry all the time and are getting anger wrinkles.

11.  You swear at other employees and you will not assist clients or them if they have to miss work stating you don’t have to even though it is in your job description..

12.  You don’t know how to smile or treat people amicably .Who wants to be the recipient of a frowning employee who treats you like a nuisance?.

13.  You remember and obsess over things which have happened decades ago and you cannot see the good in people only the bad. And sometimes your mind plays tricks on you and you blame the wrong people for an act they never did, but you have to be right.  Everyone else is wrong.

Pam, you should probably keep an eye out for the signs that you’ve had enough and at least consider taking the hint. Personally, I think there’s a lot to be said for quitting on your own terms, while you’re still able to  before all hell may break loose if someone audits your books.  Too many people have covered for you and two auditors just laugh when your work ethic is discussed.  That is not a good sign.

We know you have many secrets about those who you have worked with and all of the Councilors throughout the years, but you can threaten them even if you aren’t working, if that is your thing to do.  Right now you do not understand that some things which have been done could place the blame directly on you and ultimately may cause a criminal violation which won’t look good for you.  Insurance will not cover a criminal conviction..


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