Several years ago I wrote on this Blog that I wanted the State to come take us over, that White Springs would cease to be town and become a Village. In the preceding I’ve come up with a way to make my then dream a reality. Helen quits bailing out the boat and having dreams that it could be the Queen Mary. That leaves us with Anita Rivers as Mayor, Nikki Williams as Vice Mayor and lying Uncle Boy Tommie Jones as Town Manager. All it would take is for Helen to become a regular Council member and let the three CUZ “N’s” to be the Town Father and Mother F***ers. We wouldn’t last until the Budget and the Three CUZ “N’s” would be begging Helen to return. The Queen Mary replete with a non-existent Hurricane shelter and a completely broken infrastructure would be taken over by the State and the Governor would then reappoint Helen to be the “overseer” of our village. We can not govern ourselves a fact I’ve stated for years.

No I say, let Anita,, Nikki and Tommie run the town. Imagine how the Town would be so proud of our all Black leadership, CUZ “N’s” all Yep, call me a racist but its time the White Folk got out of the way and let the Blacks run the show, Nikki has been having WET DREAMs about this for years. Can you imagine Anita, as legal head of the town, answering questions under oath. It would be a show worth buying tickets for.

If the CUZ “N’s” are so smart, IQ averaging less than 100, let them carry the load until they fumble the ball. They will be crying for White Leadership shortly. I’ll bet you. Call me a Racist if you will. I’ll bet I am correct. IN the entitlement culture view point that Anita, Nikki and Tommie have we’ll be really broke before budget time. Give me, Give me Give me, they all say. I propose the radical move of giving them what they have been dreaming about for years, full control of White Springs.

Any bets of how long it will take the Governor to step in? Racist, perhaps, Logical definitely. Give them what they want.

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