If the bad egg gets removed, the Town may have a chance to flourish

All of us can complain about the circumstances of our fire department, the detriment of White Springs Financial Status and the misspending of funds such as the Local Option Fuel Tax revenue.  But nothing will be done until the Council sets forth the complaints against Ms. Tebo and actually terminates her employment.   Each of our Council Members has a duty to the Citizens and each deserves to not be re-elected with the exception of Miller who tries but can’t do it without other council members support.   At this point, Ms. Tebo has breached her contract and it is time that she was given notice of all the areas of breach and told that it is the intent of the Council to terminate her employment as an “at-will” employee, since her contract has been breached and no longer is applicable.
It is Ms. Tebo who has forced the only real professional firefighters and their chief for a substandard chief and group of people on a roster who don’t intend to fight fires in White Springs.    It is because of Ms. Tebo that you do not have a safety crossing at the dollar General Store and that we have cracks and potholes on virtually every street.  It is because of Ms Tebo that grants are continually secured but unfortunately we do not have the seed money required.  It is because of Ms. Tebo that Steve Stith is allowed to lie to the Town Council as well as his minions the Greenes to find that our Town is only going to get $2,500 for each of the two quarters BECAUSE IT IS LIKE I SHOWED, THE WSVFD NEVER RESPONDED only Genoa.  It is Stacy Tebo’s fault that our Finance Director still is cooking the books with no knowledge of accounting principles and Tebo’s lack of supervision and knowledge.  Tebo also pays employees who are unable to work without council approval for over a two year period.  Tebo buys whatever she wants and takes whatever she wants in salvage, giving it to so called friends.  We could go on and on about this but the Council better do something because they are ripe for a law suit…yes you too Lofton and you too Brown.  Ignorance is not an excuse when you have been warned.

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