I vote for Ronnie R. Vaughn Public Works Water and Wastewater Director – Goodbye Andrew

I had Ronnie Vaughn’s application and not only does he operate a backhoes front-end loader/Bush Hog but he was the Water Plant Operator.  So why don’t we get him certified for water and sewer if he is not already certified.  That position should take only a couple hours of his time and he can supervise the Public Works and handle the larger equipment as needed with Curtis working with him on a full time basis.  And he should be given the power to hire people as needed to assist him besides the inmate crew

Not only does Mr. Vaughn.handle the aforementioned equipment but he does carpentry, plumbiing and repairs water meters.

Since we don’t have job descriptions, it could be made to include more than one job but Mr. Vaughn being the boss.  It’d be better than having Andrew who gets paid to not work and gets benefits no other person gets.  The bonus about Mr. Vaughn is that he’s a worker from what I hear.
It’s time Andrew Greene Moved on and between the Auditor General, the Commission on Ethics complaints, and the Florida Inspector General, this gang of three is going to dissipate as is Stacy Tebo.  We are tired of the thefts and if they deem that Ken Daniels was guilty of Malpractice and Rhett as an Attorney and Town Attorney Karen Hatton  cannot read statutes with Law Degrees, things will not be the same for them.  We are tired of what the gang of three and Stacy Tebo have done.  It’s just a matter of time we will have our firefighters back, our police department in a better position and a Town manager that is a Town Manager instead of a bulldog who threatens employees with fear and injustice. And’she doesn’t abide by her contract nor is she efficient.  If we’re not allowed to do it we’ll allow the State and the Feds to take care of this mess and soon  we will only have two councilors and an audit made by the State.
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