First Tommie tells the Council at the June meeting that the Enterprise account is out of cash, that it is short a bunch of money which he blamed (read carefully now) on the Council for allowing citizens and users of the water/wastewater utility to defer payments until a later date because of COVID-19.

Tonight Tom Moore called me and ask if my sewer and water bill was correct. I told him I thought they were but made a mental note to check my finances, not believing that even Tommie could screw this up twice in one month.

I decided to balance my check book early this month and found out that my (stay with me here) June water bill, which I paid for (actually Karin paid) in June cleared my bank account today, 7 July instead of 7 June. The hunt was on.

As I said, you can’t make this stuff up, it’s too funny.

Combine the statement Tommie made to the Council about the Enterprise account being short (read slap out) of cash plus the fact that my check for June didn’t clear the bank until today tells me the payments were kept in a drawer or safe for a whole month. We weren’t short of cash we were short on cashing checks.

Karin and I checked both of the June water statements, the good one (2nd bill) and the bad one (1st bill). What did we find? That the May bill was used as the previous balance, which the statement showed a payment and the June Bill was showed as the current amount due of $76.66 payable by due date 6/15/2020. So no July bill was shown. And since our check for the June bill just cleared and was shown on the previous billing as having been paid, then it means that the computers showed that payments were made but the checks were never in the bank. Tommie did not put the checks in the bank but like a good consultant, since he doesn’t have the IQ to be a manager, when he told the council we were short of money, he didn’t realize that the computers showed payments had been made, but then why did we think we were short. Some boogy man stole the money? What a computer expert; he didn’t even check the “revised” billing. No one probably received their July Bill.

Think about this, he, the idiot, doesn’t send the June checks into the bank causing a shortage in the Enterprise Account. How much of a shortage you ask. A shortage that looks suspiciously like the amount of money people paid in checks for their water bills in June (checks in a drawer). No wonder Bev Brazil quit.

But what about the people who paid cash for their water payment? What happened to the money? It was either in a drawer with the checks or (my belief only) it was sent to the bank and not credited to the right account OR IT WAS STOLEN. Maybe SO FEW PEOPLE PAID BY CASH THAT IT DIDN’T MAKE UP FOR THE SHORTFALL OF CASH IN THE ENTERPRISE ACCOUNT. Let’s hope so; otherwise we have a case of alleged Grand Theft on our hands.

I told you this stuff is so funny you can’t make it up. Tommie was so interested in Making me the bad guy over a simple 119 case that he allowed some $12,000. to sit in a drawer for a month therefore ending his “CRITICAL” shortage in the Enterprise account.

It gets even better. The two water bills combined (the initial and the revised) reflect that the May and June bills were paid on time. That’s right your water bill showed you made the payment even though the checks were sitting in a drawer somewhere. The “BOOKS” showed one thing and the Bank showed something entirely different. Did Tommie care? No he did not. With Tommie it is always, I mean always, someone else’s fault. In this case I believe he will try to pin this on Beverly who may have quit when she became aware of the screw up. Don’t know about this last statement. It is pure conjecture on my part.

But money, approximately $12,000 or more, went missing and our computer wiz never thought to Balance the Books. Why, because he doesn’t know how to Balance the Books is my bet And he’s the great computer guru which the Town Council gave him full power to be a Town Manager. I can’t wait until he handles this year’s financials for which he needs to start fairly soon on.

It is lucky Tom Moore found this shortfall. I for one am not going to pay for my July Bill until this mess gets straighten out INCLUDING AN ACCURATE ACCOUNTING OF THE CASH PAYMENTS. Why we, the Town Council, hired this buffoon in the first place I don’t know. Maybe the Council will wake up. I doubt it.


  1. Yea, though he walks in the shadows of darkness in Town hall, he fears no evil because he is the dirtiest and dumbest SOB in the Town. He is assured to blame someone else because that is what Scam Artists do and in that category he is the best of the best. But as one of his cousins said “He is our first Black Manager”, and since the color of one’s skin is more important than one’s IQ or logic, Helen Miller chose well!!!

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