How I Karin have had to deal with Pam and her lies about Joe and how everyone believes those lies – And Lofty himself doesn’t forget the past

Lofty always talks about forgetting the past and look to the future but neither he nor the town does so and this is an example with my dealings with Pam.

Joe and I visited Town Hall and spoke with Pam Tomlinson.  Joe provided Pam with six Florida Attorney General’ opinions which contradict her statements that Joe has to pay for a flash drive and the custodian’s time. She stated she trusts the Town Attorney.   I then stated that Mr. Koberlein has had a problem or two with 119’s (i.e. Shands’ suit) and that the Attorney General’s Opinions definitely trump a City Attorney’s opinions.

Nevertheless, as I also explained in an E-Mail to Pam, I want to see, not purchase all paperwork.  We have seen in the past that certain e-mails have been eliminated “to protect the corrupt”.  I told Pam that I would like to see all the e-mails which lied about Joe and I from her, Shirley Heath, and  possibly some from Tracy Rodriquenz.  I frankly am tired of all the lies and told her that I still felt the reason our City Attorney sat in on the depositions was to intimidate those who were responding; however, I stated that the only person who did not lie was Bill Lawrence.

Pam became really upset and said that I did not know what Joe did 16 years ago.  (Mind you, with this statement it still means the Town will do anything they can to punish Joe Griffin because of what they think he did 16 years ago.  Furthermore they are fearful, Joe would clean up town hall).  I advised Pam that I have read the Lake City Reporter article of what happened 16 years ago.  And what I did not advise Pam is that I have read all the minutes of meetings, all citizens’ complaints as well as reviewing all 19 court cases.  And frankly, the reason the Town hates Joe Griffin is BECAUSE THE TOWN HAS NOT AND CONTINUES TO NOT WANT TO FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA NOR THEIR OWN CHARTER AND LAND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS.

I never had the opportunity to ask her what Joe did or what I did, since she addressed me personally as well.  I explained to her that Joe was not stalking anyone; Joe stated he never knocked on McKire’s door as they lied about in court documents; I mentioned Joe never attacked women as they lied about because if he had, and others tried to have him arrested by the FBI, he would have been locked up 16 years ago.  She said she didn’t say anything about these things until either Joe or I stated she attested that she “heard” and then she agreed.  Not only is this defamatory poppycock of over 16 years ago but is well past the statute of limitation.  Yet it worked so that the Judge managed to give the Town officials immunity and thus the Judge indicated we both have rights to do whatever we wish to each other without anything affecting our or the official’s civil rights.  Pam also indicated that I, Karin, have hurt the town.

The statements in the court case were ridiculous and one of the things besides those shown above was the fact that Joe ran for City Council.  Now isn’t that every Citizen’s Right?   Of Course if the Town does not like you that definitely is not a citizen’s right and they will use every tactic possible to go after us and previously used their authority to have not only the White Springs police and the Sheriff’s office come after us but also the State’s Attorney.

  • Regarding all the Cyber Harassment by the Camel Club  a year prior because he was biased against our blog, even though the e-mails we received were far more hurtful than anything we could have written on the blog.  She even complained to State’s attorney Sigmeister.  Yet, at the behest of Tracy Rodriquenz, Fouraker elected to charge us with Cyberstalking Harassment. He was to investigate but basically accused us about the blog and became angry with me when I expressed the fact that we had our first amendment rights and the people we discussed were public officials.  He read us our Miranda and said he could not talk to us unless we made a statement.  Some investigations and  he read us our Miranda Rights but forgot conveniently when giving his deposition.


  • Rodriquenz indicated she had pressure from the Mayor to do something about us.  Bill Lawrence in his deposition also stated The Mayor was adamant that she would shut down our blog (and we know she was trying to get us in prison to do it.  But Rodriquenz herself was quite adamant to get us in jail.


  • A letter was written to the State’s Attorney’s office stating both Joe and I should go to prison for our blog and 119 requests. Walter McKenzie was upset that Rhett Bullard, Tanja Brown and Willie Jefferson did not agree to have the letter sent.
  • Townsend lied on his application as did others applying for the Town Manager position, when we vetted them. Yet, Joe, to my knowledge, is the only one they arrested based upon an application.  An application is not an instrumentality of Fraud nor does it meet the legal elements of Fraud.


  • The Town blamed Joe for contacting applicants for the Town Manager Position. They claimed that it was because of Joe that the Town could not secure a good hire.  Well let’s look further into this.  Joe never once claimed he was a Town Official but only a concerned citizen.  He asked whether they followed the law because that was of utmost importance to him.  He did not tell everyone about our blog, but the Town hired Bill Lawrence and he was aware of our blog.  Bill was an intelligent man and if one looks at the blog it may give them insight as to what one may need to inquire about.


  • Bill passed the blog off as a “Good Ole Boy” feud but later told us it is far worse and could not wait to leave White Springs.  In fact we offered our home for the evening and dinner but they were so anxious to leave, they did not have anything to eat but drove into the night just to get away from White Springs.  Bill was paid very little as well and was not even provided insurance for his spouse Kathy.  At least two candidates contacted Joe to tell him how rude the officials seemed to be.  One said they did not offer to show him around.  Another said that they seemed disinterested and he wasn’t going to make such a move to a Town where he would not be appreciated.  There you have it White Springs!  Just point that finger right back at ya!


  • The Town received a $250,000 Grant which was to have provided a lighted basketball court and park with bleachers. The Town instead decided to build an Amphitheater by the Community Center.  This amphitheater was built where any performers would melt in the hot Western sun and there is no place to park. This Amphitheater should have been in a town square where people could enjoy events and have parking spaces, but no, it is in an area where no one uses it.
  • Then Mary Bullard who Chaired HCDA elected to assist her nephew Robert Townsend by providing a $250,000 Grant for Economic Development. There were no added jobs or a business incubator assisting people to start their own businesses.  Instead a concrete park was built by the old fire station and Townsend called it a “business incubator”.  The sidewalk to nowhere laden with bricks was also part of that grant and we understand that because of the amount of bricks purchased, Walter McKenzie received a discount for the bricks he purchased.


  • Let’s not forget that large Sewer Rate on top of an increased Water Rate. First of all McKenzie has been the longest standing council person and his sidekick Shirley apparently never brought up the fact that the Council was to increase the water rates in small increments yearly.  Instead because these two couldn’t remember, the Citizens got hit with a large fee.


  • The Sewer rate charged was enormous and even though pipes go through areas of unoccupied dwellings, no charge is made for these buildings. Some of the Citizens, including Willy Jefferson, have their own sewage containment so he only has to pay the minimum amount.  So why would he or any of the other council members’ care that they have socked the Citizens so drastically, with rates almost 200% or more than any other Town around here.  The fees are worse than any municipality and many of the citizens have a hard time making their payments, much less including the large fees for start up if their water is shut off.  There are some that have no water whatsoever, which is totally unhealthy. But the Town continues to live Sewer paycheck to Sewer paycheck because they never have enough money in the General Fund for contingencies or daily payables.   You are hurting all of the citizens and mostly those who are having a difficult time in this economy, but you do not care.


  • Joe Griffin provided comparable budgets which allowed the inclusion of a Town Clerk but one less police officer (three instead of four). The Town could use the $100,000 savings to either lower the sewer rate or keep some retained earnings for further grants/matching fund grants or leeway for contingencies.  Willie Jefferson gave mouth service but basically voted Joe’s budget down.  And Citizens of White Springs…you really think your Council is concerned about you?


  • And then there was the Jewett Street Project after the Flood, where we received the Funds from two sources to pay Hamilton County (one being FEMA who is always late with payments). Hamilton county had sent a breakdown of all work performed and totaled it stating that Total was Due.  In other words, it was in invoice.  After Two years, Shirley Heath, who knew about it to begin with and Pam Tomlinson did nothing about that invoice.  In fact Pam Tomlinson thought Hamilton County was doing the work for free.  This is to show you the type of individuals we have as staff at Town Hall.  They cannot even handle their payables and such was not handled until Stacy Tebo started as manager, with the help of Hamilton County.


  • The office at Town Hall is a cluster f..k. There is so much disorganization it is pitiful. Our Town Manager buries herself in her office and is rude to volunteers and to citizens as a whole. One Citizen complained about the condemned dwellings and that citizen was told to secure addresses and submit them to Tebo.  Tebo stated she does not know the town well and we know for a fact she does not participate in the businesses in town, not even purchasing lunch from Bridge Street Café or Fat Belly’s.  When you see her at events such as the “Taste of White Springs” she stood in a corner looking as if she could bite someone’s head off.  She is applying for other jobs but has not found one and the Town is aware of it.  Isn’t that a bit strange?  She states she is homesick but yet is allowed a four day week at Town Hall so she can go home each weekend.


So Pam, why don’t you tell me what we have done to the Town?  If you want to complain about the $250,000 Grant from HCDA that you blamed Joe for ruining because of his speech, you are wrong.  HCDA has given White Springs a lot of money and like one of the board members said “White Springs doesn’t have any skin in the game”.  Robert Farley could not fight hard enough with his presentation and acted guilty because of what he had done to us I believe.  Furthermore, in a prior meeting an official boasted that because of the increased sewer rate, the Town already had the $250,000 necessary for the $3,000,000 loan. So who is lying to whom?  I know you cannot beat the number of things the Town has done to Joe and Karin Griffin as well as the Citizens of White Springs.


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