Fire Department Self Assessment Guide

Fire Department
Required Training Self-Assessment Guide

The aforementioned may be reviewed by our Town Manager and Office Staff so they may become more familiar with the department they are in charge of.  It may be mentioned that when Kevin Pittman was fire chief he handled much of what was in this self assessment guides including drills.  However, my understanding is that our Office at Town Hall was not concerned about the safety of our firefighters and even respirators at the time were considered frivolous I believe per your Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshall Greene.

Also, in accordance with the norms, you should provide our Firefighters (We really don’t have a fire department with firefighters now…but maybe in the future….A Firefighters Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy….not just one everyone buys because it may exclude certain occupations.

EMT services are more likely in a Fire Department but when a fire does start and required containment to protect persons and property we need to know someone will be there….a firefighter hero who knows they are risking their life to save others and who have the best possible equipment so that they remain safe as a result.


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