Finally another Loyal reader pitches in by answering Born and raised!

In reply to Bornandraised.2 calls in 4 years. Boy are we lucky. Not to mention the expense of the SUV fir three years. BornandRaised is a flake. I’ve lived in town 20 years now so I feel confident I know most, not all but most of Andrew’s foibles. Not the least of which was poisoning my prize goat. Andrew, and as far as I am concerned, his whole family is a bunch of lying dogs.


(Kevin Pittman did no wrong)At the time he resigned maybe you should check at that (DATE) his certification! I know my facts!

(two firefighters were killed during Greene’s watch or lack of.)You Karin and Joe Griffin are poor excuses of human beings! You have NO sense of service honor or brotherhood! To make a statement of such is warrantless and of no value to anyone! How you two think you can do any good here making these statement should be questioned by every citizen as being foul from the devils tongue!

Kevin Pittman had his firefighter certifications.  What she, Tebo complained of is that he did not continue with his instructors license.  So what:  Steve Stith doesnt have nor had he ever had an instructor’s license so that’s a poor excuse.    Oh and yes, Steve Stith doesn’t have a Firefighter I or a Firefighter II certificate.  What a joke!!!  his firefighting instructions came from the dark ages.Karin for the blog

In reply to Bornandraised.  by Joe GriffinThree combat tours in Southeast Asia and you say I have no sense of honor, service or brotherhood. Yes Joe Senior your applauding your so n’s foibles is foolish, just what you would expect from someone who raised a self-serving idiot for a son. He certainly had brotherhood in mind when he played hide the sausage with Townsend.


Lofton receives

money for batting cages
Nothing is wrong with this issue with new equipment donated for a photo op! Get a life! I guess Miller didn’t do it so you have a problem with it!

The other walking down the street a man named whoever agreed to whoever its called hear say!!!! Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Karin’s reply.   It’s the Law.  The council must approve it by the Sunshine Laws.  It has nothing to do with Miller or rules we have only rules the State of Florida has.


Hey born an raised come at me bro.
Hey born and a dumb ass what certification are you talking about? Last time i checked he made it very clear to everyone what was going on. To believe anyone would be stupid enough to follow Andrew or his wife’s direction on any type of a fire call would be stupid. For someone to trust their life going into any type of fire with these two are stupid or just has a death wish. Hey born n stupid the reason they followed Pittman out was because they trusted him with their life because they knew they could count on him to be there. They had absolutely No Zip Zero trust in Andrew do to the job with lack of training and also the lack of leadership he showed during their class burn when his own wife fell out because she could not handle the heat. He was lost didn’t know what to do he couldn’t even help hold her up. This is one of many reasons why they walked out with their leader. For anyone to put their trust in Andrew or his wife is just plan foolish.  Just pray you dont have to rely on them to save your ASS when shit hits the fan because they wont be able to. The facts are the facts when you have to cheat to pass your fire test along with your hands on sign offs because you know you couldn’t do it just shows the type of person you really are a fake and a cheater. I just pray no one has to count on these two fools to save your life in a fire you might as well just bend over stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass good bye.

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  1. (What she, Tebo complained of is that he did not continue with his instructors license) Yes That’s the fact! Kevin Pitman did instruct fire training that did not certify said trainees in the training! He resigned when this was brought to his attention! Fact!

    Your Goat! How many times your goat! Hear say by you! Fact listen to me because you have stated this slanderous comment too many time count! The one you slander I know for FACT was far away from Hamilton County when you claim he committed the act! Slander yes other for fact are very knowledgeable of Florida Statute!

    As for the Greene Family as many here are very great people and families with ties in the community that are tied to the heart with other great families here. Families that believe in doing what is right and helping each others families no questions asked! Our skin color doesn’t matter if any one is in need these families pull whatever is needed and it shows up. No you will not see or hear of this because your not included! White Springs North South no matter the name we take care of ourselves and you Joe Griffin are not needed in way shape or form!

    Well looks like Kevin Pittman has a story he told you and many about this training deal. Did you know he has also continually spoke down about our fire dept. during the folk festival while in state uniform not once not twice but more! He still does this in state uniform talk about ethics! Talk about a FACT! Oh I have the names and phone numbers in my back pocket!

  2. ‘Bornandbreed’ exactly how much crack you been smoking and for how long? I had a stroke just reading this. Why did you have to include skin color, closeted racist much? I personally will talk as much shit as I like about your precious Greenes and their wrong doings no matter where I’m at and Kevin is free to do the same. You know, since the fire department has made itself a public spectacle it’s pretty standard for people to have opinions. You know what they say when the ‘lady’ protests too much, she’s surely guilty. You madam are no lady.

    PS tone down the exclamations, that’s a damn sin if I’ve ever seen one. Please don’t breed anymore we need meth off the streets.

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