Dr. Miller was correct about the food bank

Dr. Helen Miller was correct in dropping the food bank for the Town and these are the reasons why.  The Town certainly did not need additional liabilities which are really in abundance today.

The councilor at the time as her tenure as Mayor had us believing he was on the up and up, even though one formally on the Council stated that was not the case, Mike Williams.  At the time I chose to believe the Councilor because after all, he was the pastor who married Joe and I.

We purchased a trailer for which Joe placed $600 on and the Councilor put $300.  Originally the Trailer was set at $1,200 but because it was to be used for charity, the seller gave us a break.

We tried to secure the insurance so that we could use what is now the Health Clinic which was owned by Hamilton County.  However, the County I believe has $1,000,000/3,000,000 limits and possibly an umbrella over that which constituted higher limits for the food bank.  Needless to say, I used my insurance sources and went to brokers and what was being told to me is that Insurance would begin at about $5,000 not including the Hold Harmless/ Additional Insured endorsement.  So we secured only the bare minimum without products and of course it was insufficient, but at least we gave it a try and paid the first installment.

Then it happened.  We assisted with the food that the Councilor’s wife had negotiated at a real low price.  It was amazing how much meat was brought back for the Citizens of White Springs or so I thought.  I know the Councilor and his wife paid  for the food and we had provided donations occasionally so I did not think much about the situation.  But this is what I found.

Coolers were placed in the entry of the church which were filled and the meat was given to the citizens…but not all of it.  The Freezer was full of meat which was not going to be provided to the citizens and the Refrigerator was packed as well, changing the settings to as cool as a refrigerator would go.  This meat was not intended for the poor but rather for the Councilors own adult living Center, where he received social security payments for the adults to live there for which they had a room and food.  The food that was to have been given to the poor was mainly given to the business of the councilor so they did not have to purchase supplies for their business.  Yes they paid for it but it was done in a fraudulent way from the supplier who gave the food for the low cost to be given to White Springs poor.

Then a neighbor told us that when the freezers were filled at the church, the lock that was put on the new freezer they donated had been broken and all the meat was removed.  And the Church alleged as did the neighbor who never would make a statement like that unless she believed it to be true, that the councilor had stolen it..

The next thing that happened is that the Trailer was never given to the church.  Instead, we were never paid back which was the deal if it was used for other than a food bank.  Furthermore there is a refrigerator on it and he apparently is using it for his business, allegedly getting produce and meat at a low cost.

He also took our motorcycle out after it had been repaired and we even had to have the Sheriff’s office try to get it back.

That is probably why I do not have a lot of faith for those who profess their Christian values.  I respect more the people who keep their values between themselves and God.  After all, look at Shirley Heath.  I don’t know who lies more her or Pam Tomlinson, but both of them have stated things even in court which were not true. Shirley Heath continually professes her faith. So  when Mayor Lofton tells me that I should be nicer to Pam, I don’t think so.  What have these people done that would earn my respect?  Nada.

So when the Councilor decided to go after Joe for something he wrote 15 years prior, I think to myself, you condemn us for something which you read and did not understand and yet you steal from the poor, food as well as a Trailer.

I have no right to Judge.  That is God’s job.  Yet, I really do not have to respect people who do not deserve my respect and who are hurting others.

Again apparently Dr. Miller and Mike Williams knew something I didn’t know.  I try to formulate my own opinions rather than taking the opinions of others, but this time the two of them were spot on.

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