Do you believe corruption is at its all time high since we now know it is backed by the Bullards?

I don’t know if it is because of Donald Trump cleaning the swamp daily and finding corrupt FBI agents and finally understanding how dirty McCain is, but it seems as if the problems seem to become more insurmountable locally as well.

Joe and I were on the back porch talking and all of a sudden he said “Is it me, or are things getting worse?”  I had to agree that it was not him but that many people now feel that White Springs has become worse.

It would be nice to blame it on a party and in part we can, but the ones who are doing all the damage are way to the left and are way wrong.  At one time, it was “just hurt the Griffins”; but now it is “Hurt Helen Miller”  “Hurt Tom Moore; Hurt anyone who is not a Bullard or who is not a friend of the Bullards.

The only thing we may do on our blog is to be transparent and to try to entice at least one or two council members to do what is right.  That is something that has not been done for a long time.  Joe would say 18 years and the sad part of this story is that when new people become involved they do not know who is telling the truth.  They would assume it is current or prior officials, but later will find that they have been lied to and the people they have been fighting against are really the ones who have been fighting the good fight.

It is sad but Anti-Corruption efforts by us alone have not assisted us or  others.  It has cost us a lot of money, but there is still corruption at every end; Sheriff’s office; State’s Attorney’s Office; Judges  similar to Andrew Decker III, Prior Town Attorneys, etc.

It is found that now when we have genuine political backing due to the villains of the Town showing themselves in the Dr. Miller case, the success of doing something about these corrupt individuals has been elusive in the least.

We are hoping the Commission on Ethics will be able to assist us because thus far, only venues outside of the Third Judicial Circuit seem to provide any success.  We have tried to contact Governor Scott’s office but perhaps we did not provide the key specifics correctly and we need to give it another try.  Our contact was made well before the Town under Bullard, Brown and Jefferson’s agreement paid for the attorney fees, for an attorney chosen outside of our area by Tebo herself, in order to sue/or remove Dr. Miller from her council seat.

At that time we also did not know that the reason Bullard and Tebo got rid of our prior fire Chief was to bring Stith back so that he can sell the services of Century to the entire County and to hell with firefighting which neither he nor Andrew Greene can do.  After all, Stith needs our fire station for his Ambulances so they can get to areas in Hamilton County faster.   It was not understood at the time that Andrew Greene would be given a vehicle for his own personal use, with a credit card for maintenance and fuel. There is no other who received such a benefit other than Tracy Rodriquenz.

This town loves spending other people’s money and at some point, there will be insufficient money to go around because not all within the Town of White Springs pay taxes due to low values and a homestead deduction.  We have a 10% utility tax on every utility; We have a sewer rate 250% higher than the surrounding towns, cities and municipalities…including Ocala and Belleview.  Yet these ignoramuses can’t understand why we are complaining that we do not have a viable Fire Department and that we have to depend on Genoa and Jasper who are a long ways off.  We would do better with a contract with Columbia County.

Why is corruption so tenacious?  For one thing White Springs has no controls.  We have put up with a Finance Director who does not have the appropriate education, who is very lazy and who does not care if she does a good job because she refuses to learn new equipment or methods.   We have a Town Manager who can do a clerk’s job but definitely is not a “Town Manager” She was limited in her education by what she accomplished in Sanford and in DeBary.  And it appeared in DeBary all she was concerned about was getting her City Manager Fired and the Public Works Manager fired and stress that the Council needed to react on her ideas and her ideas alone.  Now she has a MPA but what good is it if she did not learn anything from her coursework.

White Springs has made some avoidable strategic mistakes and that includes our officials not looking into the backgrounds of the people they elect to hire.  And even, when certain Councilors were warned about Townsend, like Mike Williams and Walter McKenzie, the matter was ignored.  Walter McKenzie even hired Subic who was a war criminal which Reagan elected to just overlook and he even tried screwing White Springs out of money for his love interest’s health insurance, even though he was married.

We have constantly been told because of our manner of calling out people that we are immoral but what these officials are doing to our town is far more immoral than anything we could say.  They physically and financially have caused much pain to people and citizens who they should be supporting especially when those citizens are placing together a business.   The officials should be so happy that anyone wishes to start a business in White Springs; but if these businesspeople are Black, or another ethnicity or someone that does not agree with them, they, the Bullards, will bleed these people dry.

The Town doesn’t require the library to be open on weekends, which is a great time for families to use the resources in conjunction with other homework or studies.  It is a shame but Mary Bullard and Tracy Woodard also a former councilor, do not care about the people of White Springs.  They are good to condemn anyone else, but let’s face it they, the Woodards, protected their Son’s pot field when it wasn’t legal and act like they are better than everyone else.

I remember when I donated various paintings to the Library, the look of disgust on Tracy Woodard’s face was noticed.  But the head of the libraries phoned me, thanked me for the donation, said how she loved them and asked whether they could go to other libraries, which of course I said yes.   Now it may be possible that Tracy Woodard hated all my work and that is possible, but that was not the case in the Ocala area and I had special invitations to sell my art at ranch where horses are sold internationally because my art was considered amazing but I decided to move that week to White Springs. I did also donate my novel to the library but did not donate the Savvy Business person’s guide which is for a distinct group of people and can be reviewed, at least in part, on the internet.

Many times Corruption is thought of narrowly as a Law Enforcement issue and you may have heard Rhett state profoundly at meetings how our complaints to the Bar and the Commission on Ethics did not stick.  What he did not tell you was the fact that because of the Rudd Ruling, the complaints we had related to management issues and he and we were told that the Councilors had to handle the situation.  But then with three councilors against two and one councilor never handling anything we have asked him to do because of his dislike for my husband, what were we to do?.  Nothing.  But this time, it is not just a management issue.  It is a Fiduciary issue and how our money has been spent on legal expenses we should not have incurred; how we favor certain people and bestow them with benefits no other person would receive; how they have fired good people for no reason and the listing goes on.

Our local government doesn’t pay close attention to collective action problems and the range of incentives needed to overcome them.  These and other issues such as not  providing incentives for police and firefighters going beyond their jobs and paying for their own fuel and maintenance, to get a financial benefit each time they fight a fire or work an event.   Mayor Lofton is only trying to use brainstorming but I think he should read our blog because we have placed sound ideas for growth.  But of course, no one listens to us and the manner in which you treat volunteers and employees, it is a wonder the Town can find anyone to work for the Town of White Springs.

I guess we should not have called Mayor Lofton a dumb black man but the truth of the matter is that his actions show that perhaps he is not dumb but he definitely is an ignorant black man.  And perhaps he has lucked out being ignorant all of his life and has not had an incident with the law for some of the criminal things we hear he has done, but the manner in which he was left holding the bag without digging into past problems which got us here, does not make Lofty very smart.  Rhett will bury him to protect his self as well as burying Stacy.

If the Commission makes a deal of either Stacy or Rhett, you can bet he will turn her over as well.  Remember, Rhett Bullard is a conniving snake.  He places nothing in writing and makes everyone do his bidding.  There may be some recordings of him saying the wrong things, but that would be the extent.  Up to this time, Rhett has had Stacy Tebo do all of his dirty dealings, including those relating to Anita Rivers, Dr. Helen Miller, Officer John Davis; Fire Chief Kevin Pittman and all the brotherhood of firefighters who could not trust Tebo, Stith, or Greene.

Corruption control has enjoyed broad-based support over the past generation, and has taken on increasingly sophisticated forms, especially under the auspices of the Bullard family..

We now must wait and perhaps I will give it another try with Governor Scott’s office.  Yet if the Commission comes back with serious rulings against Bullard, Tebo, Brown, Lofton, and Tomlinson, then we will have to see who places whom under the bus and who comes out the winner and who comes out the loser.  Rhett Bullard has the most serious consequence because if the others roll on him simultaneously, it could be his law license because Ethics is important and this would just verify the complaint we had on him earlier which remains for a year.

May you all have a great evening and a super week.  And may this corruption cease to exist in the very near future.


Karin for the blog

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