Cronyism at its best Andrew versus John

This is cronyism at its best.  Let’s look at two individuals and how each is treated:

First there is Andrew Greene, who probably has been sexually abused by more than one person at the old Firehouse parties and possibly by Townsend since he protected him by getting rid of evidence.  Andrew Greene has and possibly as a result of his guilt, blackouts which keep him from doing his job so he does not have to work as hard as the rest of the people.  He is paid double of what other wastewater and water treatment operators are paid and probably has to spend less than an hour doing his job most days.  He is given the firefighter’s truck and a credit card for fuel and maintenance and he even was allowed to take the decal off the truck.  He can travel anywhere with the vehicle; to Orlando, to Tampa, to his home in Lake City every day.   He gets paid as a code enforcement guy even though he no longer does the job and he is paid as the Assistant Fire Chief ,  They will do anything for Andrew because it keeps him from talking and telling who did what and for his hiding and destroying evidence so none of these morons and pedophiles get in trouble.

Then we have John Davis, a promising young police office who had the misfortune of being hired by White Springs.  He is recently a family man and believes in honesty, loyalty and fairness. He undertook the Code Enforcement job, possibly for very little if any money since Andrew was still getting paid for it, in the hopes that he could earn more money for his family.  He was stuck in a very precarious situation relating to Tanja and Stacy dictating what he should do as Code Enforcement officer including the area in which he lived. Instead of working with him, these two women dictated and would not work with him.  He then had to give his notice and was truthful.  They allowed this man an extension of three weeks to his probation until his child was born and he returned from leave, only to fire him.

What is wrong with this picture?  Obviously John Davis did not have dirt on them and kept to the high road.  I feel so badly that this happened to him but I know God will be looking out for him and his family.  White Springs does not have a good reputation and frankly, the minute an officer who is good gets an opportunity to leave for another job, they do.  Please consider this as an opportunity.  You did nothing wrong and you will find a better place where they treat your right.


Karin for the blog

P.S.   Initially I was concerned about putting on the one Rhatt Watch regarding sexual escapades in the Fire House, but I have heard now from more than one source that it was happening at the time…so apparently if you are clean cut, you don’t stand a chance in White Springs.

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  1. WTF? Excuse my language. Can someone please explain to me why the town council never explains these wonderful choices of theirs? From Chief Pittman being forced to resign to there not being any real functional fire dept. to Andrew doing whatever and getting paid for it and now John being fired. Why is no one demanding a straight up direct answer as to why these things are perpetuated? Someone?? Anyone?? Please? It is my understanding that the town council works for us. The people of this town.

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