Councilors it is time you fired Tebo, Stith and Greene. Tebo violated her contract and because of the breach the contract is null and void

We have some of the most do-nothing councilors in Hamilton County.  Never mind that they took an oath to abide by the laws and that they have a fiduciary duty to the Citizens.  McKenzie and Brown have been on the council for decades and have done nothing…well Walter McKenzie talks a lot but has no logic  and will not listen to his constituents.  I do not know what it will take to shake these councilors into doing what they were elected to do.

We talk about economic development but who will ever invest their money in White Springs.  Although we are to revitalize our sewer system, our water system likewise is in dire straits and for the most part, we cannot find the pipes.

But even with those problems, the council could have resolved a major problem and had Steve Stith and Andrew Greene removed from the WSFD.  They have done nothing but secure benefits no other person has ever received except for Kenny Hutcherson.  This is also a Rhett Bullard dilemma because he felt he had to pay back Andrew Greene for his cousins proclivities and Stith would be the only one who would keep Greene on.  And both are losers.

Instead our Town Council because Hamilton County provided us with EMS service, feels we have a wonderful fire department.  EMT’s do not fight fires Walter so get your head on straight.  The fire department should go out with the EMT;s but of course we have no fire department and Lofton thought he was so great by revising the agreement with Hamilton County…but read the fine lines Lofton, two will still be required..and we have none.

Now our Town Council has decided that they are unable to facilitate their own policies.  They can’t even have a workshop without Stacy Tebo’s permission.  I don’t think any one in this town voted for Stacy Tebo and to tell you the truth, all Tebo has done is run White Springs to the Ground.  But you councilors are too afraid to hurt your political status, because Tebo may call you a “Rogue” Councilor like she called Miller, so you put up with the Crap that she dishes out.  You are some of the most weak do nothing councilors in the history of Hamilton County.  You will do nothing for the protection of the residents of White Springs but would rather cower to Ms. Tebo, Steve Stith, Andrew Greene, Spencer Lofton and Tonja Brown.  After all, they don’t seem to care about White Springs and now we see where Walter McKenzie is of the same mindset.  What a bunch of losers, but the ultimate losers will be the people because Tebo has run White Springs into the ground financially, and we do not have a fire department and have not had one for two years, but that’s okay with our councilors.  So what if your house burns down like the Systrunk House when Steve Stith was chief and the only fire fighter was  Don Wilson,  Now we do not have anyone to give you safety and peace of mind.

If the Council had any gonaids and were not so afraid of losing their posture or ego by admitting they have been wrong all along, they would at the next meeting Fire Stacy Tebo as well as Steve Stith and Andrew Greene.  None of these three have done anything for White Springs and it is time Walter, Lofton and Brown that you admit you have been wrong and do the right thing for the People of White Springs.

Again, the following is how Tebo breached her contract so since she did, the Council can claim the breach based upon this criteria and since the breach took place, Ms. Tebo is an at-will employee and can be fired with three votes.  We don’t need four, because the contract stipulating such is null and void.












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