Citizen states another side to Tracy not sticking up for John Davis

One Reply to “I Blame Tracy for not sticking up for her Police Officer – she has no morals or conscious.”

  1. I kind of agree with your last paragraph. We cannot expect the chief to risk her job. I do not know about the past history. What I do know is that it is a scary thing to have your lively hood at risk. Right or wrong she has bills to pay. Is anyone here reading this going to pay her bills if she stands up to them and gets fired? Anyone? And please lets not judge a couple of party nights. Who has not done that?
    On a side note.. we should all be seriously worried about the pending fourth of July fireworks without a actual real fire department.


Karin’s comment:  Tracy has made her bed a long time ago and the thing which I do not believe in is her continual lies.  You made my point however that she probably could not find another job so easily.  Many people do not have a fear because they know their background and professionalism will get them a job quite fast.  One has to understand that she did not try to keep John Davis and she could have tried in a nice way or with a warning.  This slam bang you’re fired scenario to a young family man is wrong.  Tracy does not have a family and I believe she is still married so she does have a husband who will help her.

I’m with you on the fire situation.  We just have to pray nothing happens.

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