Changing Documents to omit information is Pam’s Fraud Charge – Stacy and Yvonne did not know apparently

As of this morning, obviously neither Stacy Tebo our Town Manager nor Yvonne, our Administrative Assistant realized that the tapes of Meetings are tampered with.  Stacy even indicated the tapes could not be changed, but unfortunately it can be proved to the contrary because Pam was sloppy on one of the tapes.

I share an office with Joe at our residence so when he played the tape, I followed along.  It was amazing that Mayor Lofton’s conversation about his “investigation” which is what I wrote in my notes, about  Vice Mayor Tonja Brown advising our Code Enforcement Officer what to do, was omitted from the tape. Well unless we can find someone else’s taping our Attorney has told us it is not worth pursuing because there is no money involved except to verify the violation.

Even the prior suit we had at the Town was just to make the Town follow the Law.  It was supposed to be a quick thing actually and our Attorney was going to provide paperwork on how to handle various aspects of the government.  There was no money to be involved but rather a lesson for White Springs per our attorney.  But no, it was decided to be a big thing, not just going for the small segment that initially was called for but eighteen years of lies against Joe Griffin costing each side in excess of $80,000.   This Town is so afraid of admitting they are wrong that the attorney costs are enormous and it was never meant to be.  Of the 19 suits they were all violations of the Sunshine Laws and all the Town did was ask for a motion to dismiss and charge us in excess of $40,000 total.

Yet on the bright side, even though Stacy Tebo is unaware of what Pam Tomlinson has been doing, the tapes are tampered with which is another infraction of the law..  Many times I note from prior tapes, it appears the recorder is shut down and then started again, which in my estimation is tampering.  But what was missing was not just Lofton’s comment about investigating this with Stacy Tebo and Tonja Brown, which he later changed to talking to Officer John Davis, which very much may be a lie since we would have known if that happened through his friends.   Officer Davis’s case was definitely retaliation and I feel badly for him being he was honest and forthcoming.

Thomas Brazil’s complaint during his five minutes was removed in its entirety; My comment mid meeting relating to the Local Option Fuel Tax whereby I said the only way anyone would be covered would be to have a shovel and start digging at the road…  Only Rhett’s Comment telling everyone that salaries may be deducted, etc, was on line.  Even Dennis Price sticking up for Rhett’s story was deleted.  In one of the Tapes, you can tell something was omitted.

So not only does Pam not follow the manner in which Stacy has explained how to handle the minutes of meetings (Enter what the subject matter was, that there was a discussion and that it passed or not passed by so many votes….not just another version of the agenda) but I believe Pam has been manipulating the recorder for some time so that there are no complaints within the five minutes allowed citizens nor are there complaints or comments mid-meeting, etc.

I have never seen the likes of Pam’s illicit behavior in the handling of her Fiduciary Duties or the requirements of her position to provide transparency.  By Law she is not to change information to protect those officials she wishes to protect by means of distortions and Fraud.   If they even look, I am certain the investigation will simply show where tampering of the tapes were done whether during or after the meetings, because on one tape we have, it is obvious.

This is a serious matter and Stacy made a huge mistake not listening to Anita Rivers, but instead listening to Pam Tomlinson who is known to lie big time.  I certainly would not wish to be in Stacy’s position because she has been set up like no one has ever been set up before.  And it all goes back to “Respondeat Superior”.

Respondeat Superior means in Latin “let the master answer”; is a doctrine whereby the employee’s superior is responsible for vicarious liability for the acts of their agents.In other words an employer is liable for acts of employees performed within the course of their employment.  The rule is also called the master-servant rule and is recognized both in common and civil law jurisdictions.

Nevertheless, Pam, I will be sending in another complaint to the Commission on Ethics because this lack of Transparency and tampering with meeting minutes has to stop.

If I were Stacy I would ask Pam who told her to do what she has been doing, and if it is Mayor Lofton or Rhett Bullard, I would make certain it was brought before the entire council. because she needs to CYA.

Karin for the blog.

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