Brazil states the facts

Im Not afraid to use my real name Thomas C. Brazil like you are
In reply to Not so newcomer.Really i am a liar? Really? Come on now i didn’t even use profanity with her. She was the one who used it.  Get your story straight.  In fact how the hell do you know what was said?  you where not even there so keep your useless mouth shut.

Stalking!  Really you think that’s what stalking is? Why don’t you look up the definition and get back to me. The one who was lying was the one using profanity. She was lying to the entire town and its council saying she been on every call.  Them are the words that came out her mouth along with telling a citizen of the town to “Go f “themselves.   That’s real professional!  She is a joke, a fake firefighter, someone who only wants to wear the shirt and can’t do the job.   It’s been proven more then once. I didn’t yell or scream so you might want to get your facts right before you start running your mouth.

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