Born and Raised obviously thinks Joe is part of the Problem

Joe Griffin your full of yourself! Of course a radio was used being they were in a fire unit! Stop acting like a ten year old calling such names very childish but, coming from you what’s to be expected! I believe two calls were responded to this evening not one but 2! Listen closer to your scanner!


Well Born and Raised, you apparently can’t read either because, I apparently am the one who is full  of myself (Karin) because I believe in these former firefighters and no, we do not have a scanner but we get reports from the Sheriff’s office and know what our WSVFD is not doing or not doing.  Now the fire department if you can call it that is well over the $30,000 budget they will never earn because we have no firefighters who really live near White Springs.   And frankly I believe in the former firefighters and will continue to fight on their behalf as others do as well.  Perhaps you should be more worried about the fact that buildings could burn in White Springs and if Genoa is not available, you can kiss those buildings goodbye.  I am sick of liars and the liars seem to be not born and raised in Hamilton County.  Get on the right side of history and realize what is happening Mr. Born and Raised.

Karin for the blog and frustrated with White
Springs corruption

P.S.  The only name calling I have done has been relative to a couple of council members and of course Ms. Tebo who doesn’t know how to do her job and is obviousl  Steve Stith could not ever do the Job Pittman did and if you were at that meeting, who in the world is given five minutes to read a complaint which technically was as fictituous as hell.



P.S.  Dominique Greene said our fire department had no radios at a meeting Joe and I missed because I was just being discharged from Shands in Gainesville.  It was after that that Stacy Tebo said we had five radios.  Yes liars in abundance are part of the Town corruption.

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