Born and Raised definitely doesn’t know what he’s talking about

These firefighters you continually bring up to bring back are the ones that walked in a council meeting took issued fire helmet’s and threw them on the floor! They Made rude statements and all QUIT! Yes all the past firefighters QUIT themselves no one asked them to do so! Kevin Pittman was Caught Wrong and he resigned on his own! So enough is enough about all the lies being spread here about this situation! Its on the record on tape as it occurred! I was in the meeting and seen this as these members threw the proverbial sucker in the floor! Folks move on you did it to yourselves no one else but you are to blame.


Kevin Pittman did no wrong and was the best fire chief we ever had so you must be dilusional.  Stacy Tebo Andrew Greene Steve Stith  and then Mayor Rhett Bullard are the problem and just because you were born and raised here doesn’t make you right.  In fact you obviously do not know the facts of how this corrupt town can not only hurt firefighters but everyone else that is not part of the group.  So go back to your hole and think about the events that led to our losing the best fire department White Springs ever had and go back and blame Rhett Bullard, Stacy Tebo, and Greene and Stith who never have fought fires in White Springs and who let an Antique Store Burn, Two mobile homes burn and the Systrunk house burn and two firefighters were killed during Greene’s watch or lack of.

Karin Griffin for the blog

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  1. (Kevin Pittman did no wrong)At the time he resigned maybe you should check at that (DATE) his certification! I know my facts!

    (two firefighters were killed during Greene’s watch or lack of.)You Karin and Joe Griffin are poor excuses of human beings! You have NO sense of service honor or brotherhood! To make a statement of such is warrantless and of no value to anyone! How you two think you can do any good here making these statement should be questioned by every citizen as being foul from the devils tongue!

    1. Three combat tours in Southeast Asia and you say I have no sense of honor, service or brotherhood. Yes Joe Senior your applauding your so n’s foibles is foolish, just what you would expect from someone who raised a self-serving idiot for a son. He certainly had brotherhood in mind when he played hide the sausage with Townsend.

  2. Hey born an a dumb ass what certification are you talking about? Last time i checked he made it very clear to everyone what was going on. To believe anyone would be stupid enough to follow Andrew or his wife’s direction on any type of a fire call would be stupid. For someone to trust there life going into any type of fire with these two are stupid or just have has a death wish. Het born n stupid the reason they followed Pittman out was because they trusted him with there life because they new they could count on him to be there they had absolutely No Zip Zero trust in Andrew do to the lack of training an also the lack of leadership he showed during there class burn when his own wife fell out because she could not handle the heat. He was lost didn’t know what to do he couldn’t even help hold her up. This is one of many reasons why they walked out with there leader. For anyone to put there trust in Andrew or his wife is just plan foolish just pray you dont have to rely on them to save your ASS when shit hits the fan because they wont be able to. The facts are the facts when you have to cheat to pass your fire test along with your hands on sign offs because you know you couldn’t do it just shows the type of person you really are a fake and a cheater. I just pray no one has to count on these two fools to save your life in a fire you might as well just bend over stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass good bye.

  3. So, the claim that you, Born and Raised, were present in the meeting that took place January 2018, the one when 95% of the fire department walked out, I have a hard time believing. You had only one factual statement and one half truth in your comment. Let me break it down for you, don’t worry I will quote you:

    FALSE: “walked in a council meeting took issued fire helmet’s and threw them on the floor! They Made rude statements and all QUIT!”

    What REALLY happened: we all sat through the meeting until the fire department issue came up and we professionally placed our helmets in front of Ms. Tebo, stated our names and positions and resigned. The rudeness came from the council as they tried to interrupt and stop their volunteer firefighters from speaking in a public forum.

    TRUE: “Yes all the past firefighters QUIT themselves no one asked them to do so!”

    No one asked any of us to quit or resign. We all did so on our own. I suppose you missed the December 2017 meeting when 95% of the fire department stood up and approached the town Council with a vote of no confidence against the assistant chief Andrew Greene. The firefighters were tired of being taken advantage of and lied to by their assistant chief and the council. We were all true volunteers and there was no excuse for the ill treatment we received.

    HALF TRUE: ONLY HALF! “Kevin Pittman was Caught Wrong and he resigned on his own!”

    Pittman was not “caught wrong” but he did resign on his own. Pittman made it clear to everyone, including Ms. Tebo, that other instructors would need to come in since the fire training kept being delayed due to certain individuals continually not showing up for training or passing out during training a.k.a. Andrew and Dominque. 95% of the department voted to finish their training as a team, we started as a team and we wanted to finish as one, so we waited for the two to have free time in their busy schedules to complete the training revolutions. Due to the delay in training Chief Pittman’s teaching certificate lapsed. That did not mean he was not experienced or trained or educated or didn’t have the qualifications, he has more than enough. He is a true leader and made sure that his team was certified. The nonsense and the lies that were told about Chief Pittman in that January meeting had nothing to do with the fire department, it had everything to do with someone’s feelings being hurt because they are not a leader and they knew that their team had no confidence in them. We walked out because we will not follow someone who lies, falsifies records, and who stands on others back’s to look good, especially when our lives are at stake. We were ignored in our vote of no confidence against the assistant chief the month prior. We stood our ground against the council because they ignored our concerns, our lives, our well-being, and the well-being of every individual in White Springs.

    You may want to stop listening to lies that are being spread by certain individuals and maybe talk to someone who was truly there. So you can throw your “proverbial sucker” on the floor now.

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